A terrifying story came out a couple of weeks ago when a man was arrested for breaking into Sonya Deville’s home. Mandy Rose was at the home with her, and the two of them managed to escape before any physical harm was done.

The intruder, Phillip A. Thomas II, was in possession of a knife, mace, zip ties and other items and he planned to take Deville hostage. One of his motives was also reportedly to prevent Deville from going to SummerSlam and participate in a hair vs. hair match against Rose. Ryback discussed this scary situation on “Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri.”

“I really feel for her. I truly hope he never gets out. That’s the kind of thing where if they give someone like that a second chance ? just put yourself in her shoes or Mandy’s shoes,” Ryback said before noting that the intruder sent Deville a note that said ‘I’m gonna kill [Mandy Rose]’.

“I hope to God ? and it seems like this is being taken as serious as this is ? because this could have been so much worse. That guy wasn’t just gonna kidnap her. That guy ain’t right, and people that aren’t right, you can’t reason with them. I wish he was dead. I wish they would have shot him and killed him on the spot, for her sake. The stress she has to be under, her and Mandy, and that experience, that’s never gonna go away. Ever! Being on the road and thinking? I can’t even imagine. That could happen to anyone, but being a woman performer, this is the reality of it.

“You can’t stereotype everyone, and obviously this is one person, but this is where those comments on social media that people make where you have to take them seriously. And it’s really hard to because you can’t do anything about a lot of them. I guarantee he was prepared to kill. Guarantee. That ain’t right, and the fact that he’s still in the f***ing house after? The alarm’s probably still going off and he’s there f***ing looking for them thinking they’re under the bed or some sh*t? I wish they would have shot him in his f***ing head and killed him.”

Ryback said there’s no kind of rehabilitation for people like that, and he doesn’t know what kind of sentence he’d be looking at.

“Regardless, even if it was 20 years or 10 years, the stress she’s gonna be under when he eventually gets out ? that’s not going away. Hopefully if he does, he gets killed in prison,” stated Ryback. “I hope to God he does, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I feel for her. What just a horrible situation?

“Using that kind of verbiage is very powerful ? ‘I’m gonna kill that b****’ ? that’s some twisted sh*t.”

Ryback noted that people may think his words about Thomas are harsh, but he reiterated that Thomas is the kind of guy that doesn’t need to be alive.

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