Yesterday we asked who you thought the mystery person was in the above video. The individual has teased a return to NXT at next Sunday’s TakeOver.

The front runners in the comments were either Robert Roode or Bo Dallas ? both who have been off TV for some time now. Other names mentioned were Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and Ember Moon.

Thanks to everyone who responded, below are some of the top comments:

“Bo Dallas would make the most sense. He should reinvent himself.”

“Leo Kruger.”

“Probably Robert Roode because Lord knows everyone else from Canada has come back to wrestle except for him, and the main roster will have nothing for him upon his return.”

The Leviathan:
“Hornswoggle. It always ends up being Hornswoggle. I want it to be Roode. Back in NXT would help both he and the brand.”

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