The Best Friends, Trent and Chuck Taylor, were on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, and the two discussed their time on the indies where they have formed friendships with many in the pro wrestling world. Taylor said that the AEW – NXT rivalry is not a true rivalry since he is friends with many at NXT and wants them to succeed as well.

“I know everyone. Like, people talk about this fake bulls–t rivalry between AEW and NXT,” Taylor stated. “Those are all my friends. I was a groomsman at Johnny Gargano’s wedding. I want them to succeed, too. Not at the expense of us, obviously. Everyone on TV, I pretty much know. Like, it’s weird.”

NXT Superstar Tommasso Ciampa has said similar sentiments in the past. AEW star Britt Baker has also said that her boyfriend NXT Superstar Adam Cole is a big fan of AEW because of his friendship with The Young Bucks.

Trent then talked about the origin of their tag team name. He said it came out of nowhere when they were put in a 10-man tag team match at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

“We did BOLA, and then the day after BOLA, they have everyone that lost their BOLA match in the 10-man,” Trent said. “We were in that, and I don’t remember why but they just called our tag name. The five guys in the match were called, ‘Best Friends.’ And then the next show, me and Dustin were just booked as, ‘Best Friends.’ We were like, ‘Oh, OK.’ We didn’t choose this; we just kind of kept getting booked as ‘Best Friends’ for a while.”

Taylor revealed that they received an offer to join Lucha Underground. However, Trent was hurt at the time. After Trent returned from injury, he was tagging with Rocky Romero in NJPW as Roppongi Vice.

“We were booked at PWG for a while. Maybe we were going to do Lucha Underground,” Taylor said. “And then he got hurt, and then they said, ‘Maybe later, we’ll bring you in like on a different season.’ And then he and Rocky started doing New Japan and just left me alone on the indies by myself.”

After Roppongi Vice split up with Trent’s move to the heavyweight division, Trent and Taylor were able to reunite as a team in ROH. Taylor revealed that after NJPW referee Tiger Hattori saw them team together, they were booked as a tag team at NJPW’s World Tag League tournament.

“They moved him to the heavyweight division and then they brought me into Ring of Honor almost as a one-off. I think, possibly, it was for that six-man,” Taylor recalled. “I think I got a good reaction and they started booking me more in Ring of Honor with the two of them. I think Tiger Hattori was at a Ring of Honor show at one of the War of the Worlds things. He was like, ‘Oh, you guys could tag team.’ He’s the best. But then they booked us for the World Tag League – that’s kind of how we got back together.”

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