Five weeks away from the U.S. Presidential election, The Rock posted a video today giving his endorsement to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“Happy Sunday everybody,” Rock said in the clip below. “We are approximately five weeks away from Election Day, arguably, the most critical election this country has seen in decades. Now that said, I’m going to be pushing this political conversation just a little bit more.”

Rock continued that he has friends in both political parties, and he himself is “a registered independent for years now with centrist ideologies.” Rock then spoke with both Biden and Harris, noting that he’s never publicly endorsed any candidates before.

Rock ran down some of Biden’s and Harris’ career achievements, and the candidates gave an overview of what they want to do if they make it to the White House. Harris spoke specifically about building a foundation of truth and gaining the trust of the American public.

Back in 2017, The Rock did an interview with GQ Magazine where he considered a presidential run in 2024. In July of 2018, he pushed a possible run back to 2028, saying he lacked the experience needed to leap into politics.