AEW President & CEO Tony Khan took to Twitter to give an update on Matt Hardy after Hardy’s match against Sammy Guevara at AEW All Out.

Tony Khan confirmed Matt Hardy left the hospital, as we had noted earlier. He also revealed that Matt Hardy will be at Dynamite this Wednesday.

He tweeted, “An update on Matt Hardy: it’s great news! Matt’s ok, we sent him to the hospital as a precaution & he’s passed the MRI + CT scans, he doesn’t have a concussion, and he’s being driven home now. Matt will be at Dynamite on Wednesday night to thank you amazing fans for your support!”

The Broken Rules Match was stopped momentarily after Hardy landed hard on the concrete. As noted in last night’s media scrum, the AEW President spoke about pausing the match to have the doctor check on Matt.

“I was concerned that Matt could be hurt,” Tony Khan said. “I rang the bell to pause the match. When the doctor checked him, he passed him and cleared him on the concussion protocol.”

Matt Hardy did end up winning the match after he pushed Sammy Guevara off of scaffolding and Guevara didn’t get up during the referee’s ten count.

Below you can see his tweet: