Ahead of NXT Takeover 31, Triple H conducted a media call the full audio of which can be found on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast. There have been rumors of NXT possible moving nights and that talk has grown after NXT’s performance in the ratings when running unopposed. Triple H said that he’s happy with where NXT is at and notes that the decision ultimately comes down to their partners.

“I’m happy with where we are,” Triple H admitted. “These conversations around all of our product at all times with the best place for it to sit, best place for it to work [and] all of that, funny thing, I don’t hear anybody else asking about people moving on Wednesday since we were always on Wednesdays. It comes down to a question of where the show best fits, not only for us but for our partners and where they want to go to.

“We’re open to doing the best business we can, but it’s not just a simple a decision as it’s our decision and we just put the show where we want to put it. Those decisions are made by our partners, and everything else along the way.”

Triple H continued saying that he does not follow what other companies like AEW does. He said that his focus is putting on the best show possible with what he called the best roster in the world.

“To me, it’s a funny thing to me. I’ve said this since the beginning but, I don’t know, people tend to want to believe what they want to believe,” Triple H said. “It’s not a concern to me. We do the best show we can do. We go out to put the best show on that we can put on every week with the talent that we have, which I consider to be the best in the world and do the best show we can, and that’s it.

“As far as where it sits, the network [and] all those things, those are business questions that come down to WWE but also to our partners. So lots of conversations will happen and wherever it ends up, I promise you, we’ll put on the best show we can and make it everything that it can be for our fans.

NXT recently had another COVID-19 outbreak that affected not only NXT but also the main roster. Triple H was asked if Kyle O’Reilly’s push is due to the changes that had to be made. Triple H revealed that this was something that was always in the plans and praised O’Reilly while also hyping up O’Reilly’s NXT Championship match against Finn Balor.

“That’s been something we’ve been talking about doing for a while and has been in the works and in the plans, but again, if you were to ask me did it speed up the process, probably not a massive amount but probably a little bit just just given all the circumstances,” Triple H revealed. “I think we got there a little quicker. I would have liked to have had more time to flesh out that story in the long run, but again, what we were saying earlier, stuff changes on a week-to-week basis right now, sometimes day-to-day so you really kind of try to put the pieces together and get to where you can get to.

“But again, we’ve been talking about Kyle as a singles guy. He’s such a great performer and it’s nothing to take away from him in a tag team. He’s just such a great performer. He’s naturally charismatic. He’s funny. He’s all those things that you’ve seen doing what he’s doing, but now I think people are going to get to see that at a completely different level, and I’m excited for him and he’s excited for that opportunity.

“If you’ve ever met Kyle, there’s not a nicer person out there, and when you see something like this happening for somebody like him, it’s awesome. And I can’t wait to see what he does with it. I know it’s going to be spectacular. He and Finn have been clamoring about working with each other for a long period of time to me and everybody that would listen pretty much so here we are, and it’s exciting.”

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