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Alright, everybody – Warrior Wrestling is ready to get this thing started with our very own Managing Editor, Nick Hausman handling the call with his broadcast partner, Rich.

Sam Adonis vs. Jake Something

On his way to the ring, Adonis cuts a promo saying he’s one of the very few that have been with Warrior Wrestling from day one and should be main eventing, but he’s opening the show and he’s pissed.

A lockup gets this thing started and Something gets the upperhand as he shows his power advantage as he throws Adonis down to the mat. Another lockup and Adonis gets the side headlock in, but gets sent to the corner. Armdrag attempt by Adonis, but Something doesn’t budge. Shoulder tackle attempt by Adonis, but again Something doesn’t budge. Something with a big boot drops Adonis flat.

Adonis back up but a hard right drops him. Something sends Adonis hard into the corner – Adonis comes out with a couple right hands, but Something backdrops him and regains control. Adonis is getting completely manhandled, but follows Something into the corner with a hard lariat and capitalizes on a stunned Something with a suplex. Something rolls to the outside and Adonis hits a flip over the top to the outside.

Adonis stringing together some nice offense now as he lays in several forearm shots on their way back to the ring. The competitors are up on the apron now and Something regains control with a side backdrop. Big right forearm shots being exchanged and Something brings Adonis into the ring the hard way. Adonis sent to the ropes and a lariat by Something sends Adonis to the outside. Something follows up with a suicide dive over the top rope – very impressive for his size!

Back in the ring, Something is following up with brutal rights that drop Adonis. First cover of the match is good for a two count. Adonis firing back, but misses and gets leveled with a side suplex. Cover and another two count. Adonis back to his feet and firing back. A big boot rocks Something, but Something once again levels Adonis with a big forearm smash to the jaw. Back to his feet, Adonis hits the ropes and levels something with a flying shoulder tackle. Adonis is calling for the 450-splash, goes up top but Something climbs up and tosses Adonis across the ring. Ref counting both men, but they get up at the count of 8.

Exchanging strong rights, Adonis hits the ropes and Something drops him with a Tiger Driver – cover and a two count. Something with a spear in the corner and follows it up with a clothesline and a sit-down powerbomb. Cover and Adonis kicks out at 2.9! Something misses a hard right and Adonis hits an STO and a suplex. Cover and a two count. Adonis going back up top, but Something gets up and cuts him off. Something climbs up but gets shoved off. Adonis hits the 450-splash for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Sam Adonis

6-Man Scramble – Facade vs. Jack Griffin vs. Icon Lee vs. Dani Mo vs. Beast Man vs. Dan The Dad

Jack Griffin and Icon Lee are set to start things off, but Dan The Dad is tossing the football around to the competitors. Griffin takes advantage of Lee and send him head first into the turnbuckle and drops him in the middle of the ring. Dan The Dad is in now drops Lee and hits him with a suplex and kicks Lee out of the ring. Facade in to face off with Dan and sends Dan over the top rope. Dani Mo in now to square up against Facade.

Dani goes behind with a rollup attempt, but quick kickout by Facade. Dani hits the ropes and goes for a crucifix pin. Facade rolls out of it and stops himself from kicking Dani Mo. Dan and Beast Man enter the ring – Beast Man tosses Dan over the top rope. Facade hits a couple kicks to the side of Beast Man’s head. In the corner, Facade goes over the top of Beast Man and hits a missile drop kick. Kip up by Facade. He hits the ropes for a suicide dive attempt, but Lee trips him up from the outside and hits a leg drop on the apron.

Dan The Dad with a suicide dive! Goes for another on Beast Man but his caught and thrown down. Jack Griffin climbs up top and hits a moonsault off the top to the outside. Facade with a step-up senton to the outside and lays out Dan, Beast Man and Griffin. Back in the ring, Facade hits a cutter off the ropes on Griffin. Dan in and hits a string of hard rights. Facade with a kick to Dan’s face. Dani hits a destroyer off the ropes on Facade. Dan back in and charges Dani – hits a DDT off the ropes. Beast Man levels Dan and rolls into Griffin in the corner.

Lee steps up to Beast Man – hits a few kicks and gets planted with a sit-down choke slam. Beast Man lifts Lee up on his shoulders and Facade comes off the top to kick Lee. Facade and Beast Man squaring off and Facade gets planted. Beast Man climbs up top, but Facade hits a running uppercut and tries to hit a cutter, but gets thrown off. Beast Man off the top with a sitting senton! Cover and the win!

Winner: Beast Man

Tre Mar vs. Lee Moriarty

A lockup gets this match started and Tre takes Lee to the mat. Lee flips over the top of Tre, but Tre flips him back over – never losing the lockup. Lee kips up, still locked up and the ref breaks the hold as the guys get into the ropes. Tre goes for the kick to the midsection but gets caught. Lee hits the ropes and gets tripped up. Tre hits the double stomp to the back of Lee. Huge chop lights up Lee.

Second chop is felt through the crowd. Lee sent to the corner and comes back with a tilt-a-whirl sit-down slam. Cover and a two count. Tre gets hit by a strong chop. Lee hits an arm breaker over the shoulder. Lee looks to be in control and working the left arm of Tre. Tre fighting back momentarily, but the attempt is stifled. Tre on the apron, comes through the middle ropes and hops up top – comes off and gets hit with an uppercut by Lee.

Lee still working the arm of Tre. Tre with a forearm smash to the jaw. A second one rocks Lee. Third, fourth and fifth all connect. Tre with a pump kick stuns Lee and he follows it up with a Pele Kick! Both men down and being counted but get up at 7. Tre strings together some offense and comes off the top with a springboard clothesline. Tre comes back in over the top and drops Lee face first. Cover and a two count.

Crowd is getting loud now. Lee with a double-underhook pump handle slam. Cover and another near fall. Lee working the arm still and gets sent to the ropes. Tre hits a double stomp and goes up top for another. Cover and another near fall as Lee gets his shoulder up at the last split second. Tre pulls Lee to his feet and sets him up for a double underhook maneuver. Cover and yet another near fall. Big forearm smashes exchanged and Lee follows it up with a running knee. Both guys hit the ropes and roll into each other with Lee catching him with a pin attempt for the win!

Winner: Lee Moriarty

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Violence Is Forever

Dominic and Fulton will start this match off with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Fulton backs Dominic into the corner. Another lockup, but Dominic drops down and tries to hit a drop toe-hold. Dominic back to his feet and sinks in a waist lock. Fulton isn’t budging and throws Dominic off. Dominic jumps up on Fulton and Fulton tosses him off and tags in Ace Austin. Austin quickly goes to work stomping away at Dominic and drives his boot into Dominic, who is on the ropes. Ref breaks it up and Austin hits a snapmare.

Dominc counters out with a triangle choke. Austin gets out and Dominic tags in Ku. Ku hits the ropes and drops Austin. Ku sitting on the legs and back – stretching Austin out and sinks in a Dragon Sleeper. Fulton ends up getting the tag and goes to work on Ku. Ku tries to fight back but the attempt is quickly stifled. Austin with the tag in and lays out Ku. Cover and a two count. Austin sends Ku the corner, who goes up and over Austin and levels him with some kicks.

Dominic begging for the tag as both men are down. Dominic and Fulton both get the tag. Dominic lays in strong shots and follows it up with an enziguri. Cover and a kickout at 2.5. Ku and Dominic with nice teamwork to take down Fulton, but Fulton tosses Dominic into Ku. Austin gets the tag and kicks Dominic, who is up on the top rope. Austin climbs up on his partner’s shoulders and hits a power choke slam. Cover and a near fall. Austin misses the forearm smash in the corner and Dominic sinks a leg lock. Fulton tries to interrupt, but Ku attacks him with a guillotine choke. Fulton falls onto Dominic to break up the hold before Austin could tap.

Dominic and Ku sink in a double arm bar submission on Fulton, but Austin breaks it up by kicking Ku off the arm of Fulton. Ku and Dominic with a double team suplex. They do the same to Austin. Cover and Fulton choke slams Dominic onto Ku. Austin is calling for Fulton to lift Dominic up and Austin levels Dominic. Cover and a three count.

Winners: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace

Lock up gets this match started and Grace uses her power to drive Lee to the corner. Ref breaks it up. Lee tries the single-leg takedown, but Grace stifles it. Lee moves to try working the arm of Grace. Lee goes behind for the waist lock on Grace, but Grace reverses with a wrist lock. Lee flips and kips up to break the hold. Lee wants to try the Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Lee goes for the kick to the midsection and Grace catches and throws her down, but Lee lands in a split.

Lee hits the ropes and hits a head scissors take down. Pinfall and Grace kicks out immediately. Grace with clubbing blows to Lee and hits a shoulder tackle on Lee. Pin attempt, but Lee kicks out at two. Grace with stalling vertical suplex and a near fall. Grace man-handles Lee into the corner and drives her shoulder into the midsection. Lee sent hard into the other corner and drops to the mat. Grace goes for a pump handle attempt, but Lee fires back out of it and hits a German suplex. Lee charges and gets planted by Grace with a beautiful spinebuster.

Grace with an overhand chop. Lee hits the ropes and is met with a body slam. Another body slam by Grace. Lee misses a spinning kick and gets planted with a Driver. Pin and a near fall. Lee showing incredible grit after being dominated for the majority of this match. Grace with a package piledriver attempt, but Lee counters out and hits a roundhouse kick to the side of Grace’s head.

Lee climbs up top but is cut off by Grace. Grace with a Muscle Buster and a cover – but Lee kicks out at 2.9! Lee drives Grace to the corner and she goes high risk again, but Grace once again cuts her off. Lee headbutts Grace off the ropes and hits the Swanton! Cover and the 1,2,3!

Winner: Kimber Lee

After the match, the masked men that attacked Joey Janela show up and they reveal themselves as Frank The Clown and Robert Anthony. Frank says he’s tired of Janela always making himself out to be an independent star and says next week on Night 3 – Joey will fight Anthony in a street fight. Frank continues to challenge someone to step up to Anthony and Jordan Cross steps up. Frank cuts it off and says the people don’t deserve to see them in action tonight. Cross takes the kendo stick from Anthony and attacks him before Frank interferes and the two work over Cross.

The action spills back into the ring and a trash can and chair enter the mix as well. Anthony sets up a couple chairs and Frank slides a door into the ring. Anthony sets the door up on the chairs while Frank brings in an oversized mallet. Anthony sets up for the powerbomb and sends Cross through the door. Frank and Anthony stand victorious in the ring and leave a broken Cross in the middle of the ring and the message is sent to Joey Janela.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley

The two exchange a handshake, reset and tease the knuckle lock, before actually locking up. This should be an interesting matchup as they know each other extremely well. Shelley reverses the waist lock and sinks in a wrist lock of his own. Gresham reverses and starts working the left arm of Shelley before taking him down with a head scissors. Shelley reverses again into one of his own. Back to their feet, Shelley tries to put The Octopus in an octopus, but Gresham blocks it and gets Shelley in a modified Figure Four.

Shelley gets out of the hold and shows off his incredible technical ability with some moves of his own. Gresham manages to escape and get Shelley tied up, but Shelley escapes again. Back to their feet, a Greco-Roman knuckle lock with get it started again. Shelley gets the better of Gresham and gets the legs of Gresham tied up, but Gresham escapes and ties the legs of Shelley up. Shelley once again counters and gets to his feet.

Shelley with an armdrag takedown and mounts him with an arm submission. Gresham kips up, but Shelley rolls him up and gets a near fall. Back down, Gresham kips up once again and hits a double stomp. Gresham goes to work on the left arm of Shelley again. Gresham now has both arms of Shelley tied up and grabs the right leg as well. Shelley is completely stretched out in the middle of the ring. Gresham breaks the hold and allows Shelley to his feet before getting him in a hammer lock. Shelley runs him around the ring and drops – sending Gresham through the ropes to the outside.

Gresham re-enters the ring and the men lay each other out with the same arm bar maneuver. Both down and the ref is counting them out but they get up at the count of 7. Back to their feet and they are exchanging strong rights. Shelley with an armbreaker over his shoulder. Shelley with a pinfall, but Gresham kicks out. Another pin attempt and kick out. A third pin attempt and another kick out by Gresham. Gresham reverses and hits a pin attempt, but both the men’s shoulders were down for the three count and the ref calls it a double-pin and a draw.

Result: No Contest – Draw

Luchasaurus & Tay Conti vs. Chris Bey & Ray Lyn

Luchasaurus and Bey start this match off. Bey tries to scrap with the big man, but Luchasaurus kicks him off. They hit the ropes and Bey drops to the mat to avoid a pump kick from Luchasaurus. The ladies get the tag in and Conti is throwing Lyn around the ring. Lyn fires back with a big dropkick. Conti misses a pump kick and gets hit with a shoulder tackle. Lyn has Conti tied up and gets a one count on the pin. Bey and Luchasaurus jump in and Conti/Luchasaurus level the competition with pump kicks. Bey and Lyn come off the top and lay Conti and Luchasaurus out with drop kicks.

Bey and Luchasaurus going at it now and Lyn comes in for some assistance with a dropkick. Luchasaurus misses Bey with a pump kick, but it connects on Lyn! Luchasaurus with a monster chop on Bey that lays him out. Conti gets the tag and she hits a splash on Bey in the corner. Luchasaurus with the tag back in and he connects on a splash of his own. Conti with the quick tag back in and she hits a side hip toss on Bey and hits him again with a kick. Cover and a kick out by Bey. Conti with repeated kicks to the chest of Bey.

Bey is fading – but he’s playing opossum and catches the last kick from Conti and buckle bombs Conti into the corner. Conti comes back with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Luchasaurus gets the tag. Bey tries firing back, but Luchasaurus levels him. Has Bey up over his head, but Bey counters out and hits a bulldog on the big man. The women get the tag and Lyn takes charge with a leg sweep and follows it up with a knee strike. Bey and Luchasaurusback in and Lyn plants the big man with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Conti jumps on the back of Bey. Bey plants her and Lyn goes for the pin but only gets the two count.

All four in the ring and are exchanging shots. Knee strikes by Luchasaurus and Conti – then all four hit kicks to each other and lay themselves out. Back to their feet, Luchasaurus knees Bey in the face. Conti with the SCU-L8R on Lyn and gets the win.

Winners: Luchasaurus & Tay Conti

Triple Threat Number One Contender’s Match – Trey Miguel vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Zachary Wentz

Trey is sent over the top right out of the gate. Pinfall attempt by Wentz, but Trey comes back in and rolls Wentz up for one of his own attempts. No good and now Wentz and Trey are going one on one. Wentz with a running knee in the corner. Trey tries to leap over Wentz but is caught and planted. Xavier back in and hits Wentz with an uppercut and follows it up with an uppercut. Trey and Xavier going at it now and Trey gets the better of him with a kick to the side of the head.

Trey goes for a suicide dive to the outside on Xavier, but Wentz catches him with a kick to the head as he comes through the ropes. Xavier and Wentz going at it on the outside and Trey comes off the top with a moonsault that spills them all to the ground. Wentz is sent back in the ring by Trey and Trey comes off the top but misses and lands in a sleeper from Wentz. Xavier comes back in the ring and goes over the top of the guys and sinks in a sleeper on Wentz. The ref gets brought in and it’s a triple sleeper!

The ref gets out of it and lays them all out. Ref counting all three down but they all get to their feet in time. Trey hits Xavier and Xavier fires back. Trey hitting both men now, before he gets leveled and Wentz levels Xavier with a knee. Xavier with a back handspring kick on Wentz. Trey with a cutter on Xavier! Pin attempt, but Xavier gets the ropes to break the pin. Trey is fired up and kicks Wentz, who is down on his knees. Superkick to the face of Wentz. Wentz hits a destroyer on Trey from the middle rope and lays out Xavier with a cutter off the ropes! Cover and a near fall!

The crowd is going crazy for all of this incredible action between the Rascalz. “This is awesome” chants are echoing. Trey has Wentz set up and him and Xavier hit a double 619 on Wentz. Xavier and Trey up on the top rope now. Xavier hits the hurricanrana! Trey rolls to the outside and Xavier goes back up and hits a Spiral Tap on Wentz! Cover and another near fall! Trey is back in the ring now and is exchanging forearm smashes with Xavier. Wentz comes back in the ring and is met with a double super kick from Trey and Xavier. Xavier sets Trey up top – Wentz back in and suplexes Xavier off the top and follows up with a knee strike to Trey. Wentz has Xavier set up with a DDT from the middle rope in the corner and Trey hits Wentz with a double knee that drives both Wentz and Xavier to the mat. Trey pins both men for the win!

Winner and new number one contender: Trey Miguel

After the match, “You’re still brothers” chants erupt from the crowd and the three men hug it out in the middle of the ring.

Warrior Wrestling Championship Match – Brian Pillman Jr. (c) vs. Warhorse

The bell has rung and the main event is under way! Pillman extends a cordial handshake and Warhorse slaps it away. A lockup will officially start the action. Warhorse backs Pillman down, they reset and lock it up again. Warhorse again backs Pillman to the corner and backs away. A third lockup sees Pillman get the better of it with a side headlock takedown. Warhorse counters with a head scissors. Pillman does a headstand and slides out.

Pillman sends Warhorse to the ropes. Pillman hits the ropes as well and the two men dodge each other’s maneuvers and reset the action. Warhorse ties up the arms of Pillman and headbutts him before hitting a double arm suplex. Pillman reverses the Irish whip into the corner and follows it up with a lariat. Warhorse fires back out of the corner but Pillman catches his arm and drives him to the mat. Warhorse flips out and shoots Pillman to the ropes but is met with a beautiful dropkick.

Warhorse rolls to the outside. Pillman follows but misses the baseball slide but connects with a powerslam on the 45-yard line of the Marion Catholic football field! Warhorse follows up with a couple of arm wrenches before rolling the champion back into the ring. Pillman eats a double knee to the back and Warhorse goes to work on the injured shoulder of Pillman. Pillman firing up but is sent to the outside again.

Warhorse with a double axe-handle to the shoulder and wraps the arm around the metal ring post. Warhorse seemingly in control now and sends Pillman shoulder first into the ring post. The ref comes out to break it up and tell the guys to get back to the ring. Pillman is in a lot of trouble and a lot of pain but makes it back to the ring. Warhorse back on the attack and goes for a cover – kickout at one. Pillman counters and rolls Warhorse up and gets a two count. Warhorse counters with a hammerlock body slam on the injured shoulder.

Warhorse is continuing to work that shoulder – stomping away at the champion. Pillman back to his feet. Hard rights by Pillman and an uppercut. Double axe handle takes down Warhorse. Running drop kick now sends Warhorse spilling out onto the football field. Pillman with a flying clothesline – a cover and Warhorse kicks out at two. Pillman attempts a suplex, but Warhorse blocks it. Warhorse hits the ropes but eats a superkick from Pillman. Warhorse manages to hit an Alabama slam in the middle of the ring and sinks in a Sharpshooter!

Pillman manages to crawl all the way across the ring to reach the bottom rope. Ref breaks the hold and Pillman hits a roundhouse kick to Warhorse’s head. Sunset flip pin is only good for two. Warhorse drops Pillman with the neck breaker and goes to the top. Pillman leaps up to the top rope and hits a superplex. Both men are down and the ref is counting! Warhorse and Pillman both manage to get up at 9. The competitors are exchanging strong right hands and chops. Pillman with repeated forearm shots and a spinning chop to the back of the neck of Warhorse. Pillman with a package driver but can’t get to the cover.

Back to their feet and on the ring apron, Warhorse rolls back inside – Pillman goes up top and is met by Warhorse and spilled to the outside. Warhorse rolls him in the ring and hits a double stomp to the back of the champion. Cover and Pillman kicks out at the last split second. Warhorse is calling for the finish. Headbutt and a huge lariat lays out the champion once again and Warhorse goes up top and hits a beautiful elbow drop. Cover and the nearest of all near falls as Pillman gets a shoulder up. Warhorse goes up and avoids the boot from Pillman and gets him in a Sharpshooter, but Pillman counters with a roll up. No good! Pillman hits a Jackhammer and this time it’s good enough for the three count.

Winner and still Warrior Wrestling Champion: Brian Pillman Jr.

After the match, Trey Miguel slides into the ring and gets face to face with the champion. Next week Miguel gets his shot to challenge Pillman for the belt! We’ll see you right back here next Saturday, folks! Night 3 of Warrior Wrestling’s Stadium Series will be the last of the company’s events of the year – YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT! $14.99 on FITE TV!