SmackDown Women’s Title Match: RAW Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Bayley

Asuka rushes the ring and ducks Bayley as the bell rings. Asuka keeps going and hits a Hip Attack in the corner. Bayley fights off a German suplex. Asuka ends up hitting the German after tangling. Bayley goes to the floor to regroup after the quick start. Cole confirms that Bayley’s title is on the line.

Bayley comes back in but Asuka immediately dropkicks her, then nails a Hip Attack for 2. Asuka with the arm bar now in the middle of the ring. counters some more and finally gets some offense of her own in. Bayley with a back suplex for a 2 count. Bayley kicks Asuka around now, working her over against the ropes as the referee counts. Bayley charges with another shot in the corner but Asuka still kicks out.

Bayley talks trash and continues focusing on the arm. Bayley drops Asuka by her arm. Bayley goes to the second rope and comes off but because she was distracted by trash talking Cole, Asuka catches her with knees to the face. Bayley goes to the floor for a breather, then dodges a kick from the apron and pulls Asuka to the floor by her leg. Bayley slides out but misses and Asuka drops her on the floor. Asuka with a German suplex on the floor. Bayley ends up hitting Asuka with a steel chair on the outside and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Asuka

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