WWE Universal Title Match: Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Jey Uso makes way out first with a unique entrance. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way out next. Paul Heyman is right next to him. A shirtless Reigns poses on the stage as the pyro goes off. Reigns gets more pyro after entering the ring. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton.

They size each other up after the bell. Uso barks at his cousin. They lock up and Reigns overpowers Jey into the corner. The referee counts and they break with a tense staredown. More back and forth as they get a feel for each other. Reigns grabs Jey but he gets free and goes to the floor, continuing the mind games. They talk some trash to each other with Reigns in the ring and Jey on the floor. Jey comes to the apron and Reigns rocks him. Jey fights in the ring and rocks Reigns with two right hands. They run the ropes and Reigns nails a big clothesline for a 2 count.

Reigns uses the middle rope on his cousin while taunting him. The referee counts and Reigns breaks it. Reigns jokes that he should just let Heyman handle this one. Reigns sends Jey into the top turnbuckle. Reigns drops Jey with a big right hand. Reigns continues the trash talking while Jey is down. Reigns pulls Jey’s neck over the top rope as the referee counts again. Reigns with a huge right hand to knock Jey off the apron to the floor. The referee counts while Reigns smirks. Reigns takes his time to follow Jey to the outside. Jey is leaning on the barrier when Reigns grabs him and slams him into the edge of the apron. Jey fights back with a big right hand. Reigns with a right of his own. Reigns continues taking his time and breaks the count.

Reigns slams Jey face-first into the announce table. Reigns brings Jey back into the ring and covers for a 2 count. Reigns with a headbutt and more offense while taking his time. Jey fights back and delivers a kick to the gut, then a right to the face. Jey catches Reigns out of nowhere with a Samoan Drop but Reigns kicks out at 2. Reigns takes his time getting back up and is seen talking to Heyman. Jey waits in the corner and gets hyped up. Jey charges for the Rikishi Splash but Reigns leaps up and meets him with a big Superman punch out of the corner.

Jey is slowly getting to his feet on the outside as the referee counts. Reigns follows but Jey rocks him in the face. Reigns with a right of his own. Jey fires right back. Reigns also fires back and Jey goes down. Reigns brings Jey back in and barely covers him for a 2 count. Reigns continues the trash talking, telling Jey this is the ass whooping he was talking about. Reigns headbutts Jey back into the corner. Reigns with big right hands in the corner now as the referee warns him again.

Jey delivers a big chop but Reigns drops him with a right hand. Reigns continues taking his time and talking trash to his cousin. Reigns with a big clothesline in the corner. Jey fights out of the corner now. Jey shoves Reigns into the ring post for a pop. Jey powers up and clotheslines Reigns to the floor over the top. Jey runs and nails a suicide dive to send Reigns into the barrier. Jey brings it back in and blocks a shot, then nails the enziguri. Jey sends Reigns back out and flies back out, taking him down on the floor again.

Jey brings Reigns back in and goes to the top. Jey flies with the crossbody but Reigns kicks out just before the 3 count. Jey immediately follows up with a superkick but Reigns still kicks out. Heyman looks concerned at ringside now as fans cheer Jey on. He goes back to the top but Reigns charges. Jey leaps and rolls through to dodge it. Reigns comes right back and levels Jey with a leaping leg drop but Jey still kicks out at 2. Reigns is still taking his time with following up. Reigns stares down at Jey as the referee checks on him. Reigns waits in the corner now as Jey gets up across the ring.

Reigns charges with the Spear but Jey blocks it and rolls him for a 2 count. Jey follows right up with a superkick. Jey goes to the top and hits the big Uso Splash but Reigns kicks out right before the 3 count. Jey is apparently selling a low blow now. The referee checks on him. A replay shows that Reigns may have hit a low blow when kicking out. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Reigns smiles.

Reigns gets up first and connects with a Spear. Reigns just looks down at his cousin and talks more trash. Reigns says he’s not ready to end this yet. The Network cuts out at the perfect time. We come back online to Reigns forcing Jey to look into the camera and tell the world that he is the head of the table, the boss, the Tribal Chief, who runs it all. Jey says not today. Reigns gets back to his feet and he’s not happy. We see Heyman praising Reigns from ringside now, calling him the Tribal Chief. Reigns says he doesn’t need Heyman to tell him, he needs Jey to acknowledge this. Reigns mounts Jey with big lefts and rights now as the referee tries to get him off. Reigns gets up and shoves the referee a bit, talking trash to him now. Reigns threatens to knock Charles Robinson into next week and out of a job.

Jey is down on the mat, struggling to breathe. Reigns mounts him again, yelling at Jey to acknowledge him. Reigns unloads with more strikes while on top of Jey. The referee checks on Jey again but this angers Reigns. Reigns says he’s been whooping Jey’s ass like this his whole life. Reigns turns Jey over and continues to destroy him on the mat. An injured Jimmy Uso comes limping down the ramp now. Jimmy grabs Jey’s arm and tells him he’s going to throw the white towel in. Jey tells him no, forget this fool. Reigns tells Jimmy to come in the ring and acknowledge him as being the head of the table. Jey tells Jimmy don’t do it. Jimmy wants to throw the towel in. Jey tells him no. Reigns continues taunting them both. Reigns mounts Jey again and continues beating him with lefts and rights. Jimmy finally throws the towel in the ring and ends the match. Reigns keeps beating on Jey as Jimmy yells at officials to ring the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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