Ambulance Match for the WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring and out first comes Randy Orton. He stops and checks out the ambulance next to the stage area. Out next comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew hits the ring and stares out at Orton, raising the WWE Title as pyro goes off. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

The bell rings and they go at it. McIntyre unloads on Orton, taking control early on. Orton fights back out of the corner. Drew with big chops after Orton nails him. Drew drops Orton and yells at him to get back up. Orton ducks a shot and goes for an early RKO but it’s blocked. Drew gets sent to the apron and Orton turns it around. This causes a low blow to Drew before Orton hits the draping DDT.

Orton is about to charge at Drew but we see a hand grabbing Orton’s boot from the floor. It’s Big Show. He pulls a surprised Orton out and chokeslams him through the announce table. Show hops back over the barrier and makes his exit as the referee checks on Orton. Drew comes over to Orton now, kneeling down and smirking at him. Drew starts beating Orton around the ringside area now, towards the ramp. Drew keeps the fight coming and now they’re near the back of the ambulance.

Drew pulls crutches out, and a red steel chair. Orton takes chair shots to the back and yells out in pain. Drew grabs the chair again and waits for Orton to get up. Orton grabs a crutch and swings first, nailing Drew in the gut with it. Orton then takes Drew’s legs out with a crutch shot. Orton grabs the chair and drives it down into Drew’s damaged jaw. The crowd boos Orton.

Orton opens the ambulance door but Drew resists. Orton keeps at it and they both end up inside the ambulance now. They keep fighting and brawl right back to the floor. Orton takes control and drops Drew with another shot to the jaw. Orton sends Drew face-first into the side of the ambulance now. They continue brawling around the ambulance. Drew takes another big shot to the jaw. The driver’s side door has been opened now. Drew ends up going for a Claymore but Orton dodges it by jumping into the front seat. Drew’s Claymore connects with the driver’s door and knocks it off the hinges. Drew may have hurt his knee some more with the door.

Orton fights Drew over near the stage now, rocking hi with uppercuts. Drew slams Orton’s face into the hood of the ambulance now. They brawl into the backstage area now. Drew is furious as he keeps control and delivers another big chop. Orton launches Drew into a wall near catering now. Christian suddenly appears and attacks Orton. Christian sends Orton flying over the catering tables. A referee pulls Christian off Orton and orders him away.

Drew brings it back to the ambulance and now they’re standing on top of the hood. Orton with a rake to the eye to turn it around. Orton slams Drew into the windshield and he shatters it. They end up fighting on top of the ambulance now. Orton delivers a big knee to the jaw. Drew’s back is all cut up and bleeding from the windshield. Drew is barely hanging on top of the ambulance now but Orton keeps punching him. Orton stomps at Drew’s fingers now. He’s hanging by one arm now. Orton steps on that hand and Drew falls to the floor at the back of the ambulance. Orton smiles.

Orton slowly recovers on top of the ambulance, and turns around to make his way back down. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels suddenly appears on top of the truck with him, and rocks Orton with Sweet Chin Music. Orton is barely standing but Michaels shoves him, sending him flying off the top of the ambulance to the floor. Michaels gets a pop and throws a DX crotch chop down to Orton. Drew recovers now and Orton is right there at him, still down from the attack by HBK.

Drew scoops Orton on his back and carries him over to the back of the ambulance. Orton fights free and drops Drew at the back of the ambulance with a RKO on the floor. Orton slowly puts Drew in the back of the ambulance. He closes one door but is struggling to close the second door. Drew gets his hands out and stops the second door from being shut. Drew claws at Orton’s eye to fight free from the back of the ambulance as the crowd cheers him on. Drew rocks Orton with a big Claymore Kick. Drew manages to get Orton in the back of the ambulance. He goes to close the first door but stops. He pulls the top part of Orton’s body back out of the ambulance, so it’s hanging out against the back of the truck. Drew backs up and then runs, nailing a punt kick to the head against the steel of the truck. Drew then slams the ambulance doors and wins the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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