Winner Takes All Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

We go right to the ring and Greg Hamilton has the mic, explaining that the winner of tonight’s opener must retrieve both Intercontinental Title belts hanging above the ring. Out first comes AJ Styles to mostly boos. AJ looks up at both belts hanging above the ring. Out next comes Sami Zayn, who claims to be the real champion after being stripped of the title earlier this year due to his hiatus. Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy is out last.

The bell rings and they all argue while looking up at the titles. AJ attacks Sami to start. Hardy gets involved and works on both, whipping Sami into AJ in the corner to drop them both. Hardy keeps control and rolls to the floor for a ladder. Hardy brings the ladder to the apron but AJ baseball slides it into his ribs. AJ launches himself over the top to the floor, dropping Hardy with a big right hand. AJ grabs the ladder but Sami kicks him in the face from the apron. Sami with a big springboard moonsault to AJ on the floor. They’re all down on the floor now and Sami clutches his knee.

Sami drops AJ and Hardy with ladder shots at ringside. Sam brings in a ladder but Hardy stops him from standing it up. The ladder is leaning against the ropes now. Hardy ends up back-dropping Sami onto the ladder for a pop. AJ ends up sending Hardy onto an upside down ladder, breaking the steel supports. AJ launches Sami into a ladder leaning in the corner now. Sami hits hard and bounces to the mat. AJ goes to the floor for a ladder and slides it in. AJ comes back in and stomps Hardy while he’s down. AJ stands a ladder up under the titles. AJ starts climbing but Sami grabs his leg, pulling him off. AJ ducks a shot and drops Sami with a pele kick.

AJ re-positions the ladder and starts climbing. Hardy rolls in and meets AJ on the other side of the ladder. They trade shots high up in the air. AJ tosses Hardy to the floor on his shoulder, he lands hard. AJ is close to the belts now but Hardy comes right back up and grabs his legs. Hardy drags AJ down the ladder but AJ unloads with strikes. Hardy with the inverted Atomic Drop. The WWE Network is skipping around but it looks like Hardy has dropped AJ with strikes. Fans clap as Hardy struggles to get back up, as does AJ. Sami runs over and tosses Hardy to the floor, then decks AJ. Sami starts climbing the ladder but AJ grabs him from behind and pulls him down. Sami counters AJ and nails a big Exploder suplex into the leaning ladder in the corner. AJ lands hard and sells the pain, rolling to the floor for a breather next to Hardy, who is also down on the outside.

Sami is left alone in the ring now. Sami climbs and reaches the titles but Hardy pulls him down. Hardy sends Sami to the floor but Sami pulls him out, sending him into the barrier and a ladder. AJ drops Sami with a right hand at ringside. AJ rocks Hardy, sending him into a standing ladder at ringside now. AJ goes back over and kicks Sami while he’s down. AJ runs and leaps off the steel steps at Hardy but Hardy moves and AJ hits the barrier ribs-first. Hardy now runs and leaps off the steps, hitting Poetry In Motion to AJ at ringside. Sami follows up with a Helluva Kick, sending Hardy over the barrier in the crowd. Fans boo.

Sami comes back in and climbs the ladder for the titles but AJ, from the floor, launches a smaller ladder like a spear, into Sami on the standing ladder. Sami may have injured some fingers there, trying to block the ladder javelin, but he falls to the mat. AJ comes in and climbs for the titles now. Hardy starts climbing the other side of the ladder. They trade shots at the top of the ladder. The ladder tips and falls over. AJ falls to the floor, Hardy also lands bad. The ladder looked like it was going to hit Sami in the corner but he’s safe after getting his knees up. Sami climbs up for the titles now. Hardy grabs his leg but Sami kicks at him. Sami keeps going for the title but AJ springboards in from the apron. Hardy shoves the ladder over and that also knocks AJ out of the air. Sami escaped once again without getting hit. Sami stands the ladder back up and starts climbing.

Hardy kicks Sami off the ladder and drops him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs the ladder for the titles now. He kicks AJ away. Hardy touches the titles but Sami starts tipping the ladder over. Hardy slides down the other side of the ladder but Sami pushes it over into the corner and Hardy lands hard on the outside of the ring. The referee checks on Hardy. The ladder is mangled, says Graves. Sami grabs a ladder from in front of the announce table but AJ rocks him. AJ slams Sami’s face into the announce table. The replay shows how bad the fall was for Hardy again as he was sandwiched in between the ladder and the apron. Sami decks AJ and sends him face-first into the ring post.

Sami bridges a ladder from the apron to the announce table now. He grabs AJ but AJ fights back, slamming him face-first into the table again. AJ gets on top pf the announce table and nails the moonsault into the reverse DDT, dropping Sami hard on the floor. AJ grabs Sami again and lays him on top of the ladder bridge but it slides off. AJ slams Sami on top of the announce table instead. AJ re-positions the ladder bridge from the announce table to the apron, then puts Sami back on top of it. Hardy runs over with a ladder shot to AJ’s face. Sami is still laying out on the ladder bridge. Hardy stands up a ladder at ringside, next to the ladder bridge with Sami on it. Hardy climbs the tall ladder as the crowd cheers him on. Hardy leaps from the tall ladder, hitting a huge Swanton Bomb through Sami and the ladder bridge. Sami, Hardy and ladder pieces are all laid out together in front of the announce table after the huge spot. Sami and Hardy yell out in pain as referees check on them.

Hardy quickly gets up and keeps at it on AJ. AJ runs over and rams a ladder into Hardy’s chest as he was trying to bring a ladder in the ring. AJ returns to the ring and stands a ladder up under the titles. Hardy and Sami are both down on the floor still. Hardy runs in and shoves the ladder over, sending AJ to the mat in the corner. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Sami is slowly getting to his feet at ringside. The Network buffers some more and we’re missing the action. After a Network reset, we see Sami clamping a handcuff to Hardy’s piercing at ringside. He handcuffs Hardy to the legs of a ladder, by his ear. Sami brings another ladder into the ring where AJ is. Hardy is trying to get the handcuff off his ear.

Sami tries to handcuff AJ to the rope now but AJ resists. Sami stands a ladder up under the belts and goes back to AJ to try and cuff him. AJ fights back as Sami taunts him. AJ sends Sami face-first into the ladder. AJ with a suplex. AJ stands up but sees that Sami has handcuffed himself to AJ now. AJ stomps away on Sami as Sami smiles and laughs at the cuffing. AJ tries to climb the ladder but Sami is just dead weight, anchoring him down. Hardy is back to his feet at ringside, and his ear lobe is still cuffed to the ladder, but he’s trying to bring the ladder in the ring.

AJ climbs the ladder with Sami on his shoulders now. Hardy brings the ladder in the ring now, the one cuffed to his ear lobe. Sami pulls the cuff key out and starts unhooking himself while AJ fights with Hardy. Sami unlocks the cuff and slides free, then cuffs AJ to the ladder. Sami climbs up the other side of the ladder now. Sami grabs the titles and retrieves them for the win, just as Hardy made his way over to stop him but it was too late.

Winner and New Undisputed WWE Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn

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