RAW Women’s Title Match: Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

We go back to the ring as Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton welcome us. Zelina Vega is out first, followed by RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Asuka gets pyro as she poses in the ring.

The bell rings and Asuka strikes first, then taunts Vega. They go at it and Asuka tries for quick pin attempts. Vega with a shot to the arm that surprises Asuka. They trade holds now. Asuka goes for an arm bar but it’s not enough as Vega fights off. More back and forth now. Asuka sends Vega to the apron and then knocks her to the floor with a Hip Attack.

Asuka follows but Vega sends her arm-first into the steel ring steps. Vega brings it back in and unloads in the corner as the referee warns her. Asuka fights Vega off. Vega with a kick to the face. Vega goes on and covers Asuka but she kicks out at 2. Vega keeps Asuka grounded now. Vega with another submission attempt and a 2 count. Asuka counters and goes for the Asuka Lock but Vega fights her off. They go back to the floor and trade counters. Asuka brings them back to their feet, still going for the Asuka Lock. It’s broken and Vega fights in from the apron now. Asuka goes for a Hip Attack but gets stuck in the ropes as Vega moves. Vega goes right into a submission on the ropes now. Vega goes for the hurricanrana from the top but Asuka blocks it, Vega counters and sends her flying. Vega keeps fighting and gets another close 2 count.

Vega can’t believe Asuka kicked out. The Backstabber is blocked. Vega ends up landing a big kick but Asuka still kicks out at 2. Vega is angry. Asuka catches another kick attempt and they tangle some more. Vega with two close pin attempts in a row. Asuka goes right into the Asuka Lock on the mat, forcing Vega to quickly tap out.

Winner: Asuka

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