This week on Raw seemed to signal the end of the association between Zelina Vega and her clients Andrade and Angel Garza. Vega said she “can’t do it anymore” in regards to managing the pair and proceeded to walk out on them before confronting Asuka in the ring.

That seems to be a shift from Vega managing to wrestling and that is something she’s very eager to do. Vega discussed being happy with being done with Andrade and Garza when she joined Table Talk w/DVon.

“Oh, I wasn’t lying! I wasn’t lying when I said all that. I was not joking. I said I am sick and tired of raising other people’s thoughts, but mine. I’m sick of it,” said Vega. “I wasted some of the best years of my career by managing those two selfish little ingrates. Why? Why? If they don’t take me seriously, then why?

“I don’t know if you saw Twitter, but Angel’s over here tweeting, ‘Oh go Asuka! Go Asuka!’ Well cheering for you never worked, so yeah, cheer for Asuka.”

Vega and her Superstars she was formerly managing have become weekly staples on Raw over the last few months. The circumstances involving the last few months has played a factor into her getting more TV time but she knows that this is an opportunity she can’t let slip by.

“It’s weird because I think that too and I’m like, you know what? If quarantine didn’t happen ? not saying that I wouldn’t have had these opportunities ? but maybe it would have taken a little bit longer. And also, Becky’s having her baby so there are people that are not here so that just leaves spots to fill and for me, I’m like, ‘Give me the ball! If I drop it, screw me!’ But you lose nothing and I was always ready for that and I think it started with Drew [McIntyre] when we had that back and forth. I was like, ‘Man, he’s like my other promo half.’ It was just perfect,” stated Vega.

“Whenever it happened, it was just magic with him and it’s interesting because before even quarantine happened, Vince would always say, ‘You’re one of my favorites. You’re one of the reasons that I watch RAW. I love your character.’ It was such an honor to hear that because one of the things that he used to say to me was, ‘You remind me of Stephanie because she was always working out there. You’re a cutaway machine. I love that about you’ and first of all, I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ Legit, I was going to cry. I love Stephanie. She’s a huge inspiration when it comes to me and the Zelina character, but it’s wild to think that if this quarantine didn’t happen, I wonder where I would be. I wonder if I’d be getting a RAW Women’s Title shot against Asuka.”

In the past Vega has cited The Rock for helping her career in wrestling and outside of wrestling as he helped her land a role in Fighting with My Family. But she also credits another fellow WWE manager who has supported her from day one.

“About taking the ball, you wouldn’t be getting the ball if it wasn’t for someone that believed in you and one person that really believed in me was Paul Heyman,” revealed Vega. “I’m so lucky to say that I had someone like him on my side because he fought for me every single time, every single day and when it comes to being a manager, I look up to him a lot because he’s one of the greatest of all time. And when you have someone like that who believes in you, it just fuels your fire that much more. So definitely Paul Heyman now, but Tommy Dreamer’s the one who got me into TNA. So, we’re talking ECW, I mean, we have some roots here.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.