Arn Anderson was recently back on The Arn Show to discuss multiple topics, including his time tagging with Tully Blanchard. Arn gave a ton of praise for Blanchard’s mind for the business, but revealed that while he respected his ability, he didn’t really care for him.

“His wrestling IQ was advanced beyond mine,” Arn admitted. “His thought process was really advanced as far as how to utilize me… We were totally different in our styles. Tully was the second generation. And I’ve said before – those guys just have the advantage over the rest of us because they grow up in the business. Tully was really smart. He was really one of those guys, and he was such an a–hole that it just bled through to the audience. Tully might have been respected. A lot of people will tell the truth these days. They’ll say I respected Tully’s ability but I really didn’t like him, and that’s the best way to describe it because he was a horseman.

“He lived it 100 percent,” Arn added. “He had the watch. He had the wardrobe. He drove the Mercedes. He lived the lifestyle of a horsemen, and it was one of those things that you knew when Tully Blanchard came through the curtain, you were looking at a professional. And he believed that his crap didn’t stink. To this day, he has that swagger about him. When you see him walking around, once he gains his confidence in his setting, he owns the room, and that’s the way he was. And he was good at utilizing my skills to compliment his skills and turn it into a formidable team. I learned a lot from him, and I give him a lot of credit for the success that the horsemen had because he was the one constant. He was the one heel in the ring that everybody despised.”

Arn and Tully have been seen mingling with FTR in recent weeks on AEW programming. The current AEW Tag Team Champions have garnered a lot of praise for their throwback style that they have admitted is greatly influenced by Arn and Tully. Arn went a step further and said FTR is his favorite tag team right now and acknowledged their quest to be the greatest tag team ever is certainly attainable. He also mentioned he doesn’t see Dax and Cash splitting up because they are too close and consistent.

“Well, back up a little bit,” Arn said. “Tully [Blanchard] and I never split up. We went separate ways because of business decisions, but we never got into a feud or anything of that nature. These guys are committed to being a team and, I think, the best team when it’s all said and done that ever lived. And I think that’s a very achievable goal for them, and I think it’s an admirable one because if they do become that team and they do survive the test of time, that will amend. They’ve been in incredible tag matches with some of the best teams alongside them of their era.

“I don’t see them splitting up,” Arn added. “I think their goals are too consistent. I think their friendship is too consistent and they really are tight, close friends, and I don’t see that. And to be honest, I don’t want to see them split up. I think the sum of the parts is more valuable than them individually.”

While he credited FTR as his current favorite tag team, Arn said his all-time favorite tag team is Dick Slater and Bob Orton Jr.. He credited them for being his inspiration to get into the professional wrestling business.

“My favorite of all time would have to be Slater [Dick Slater] and Orton [Bob Orton Jr.] because they are the ones that inspired me to want to be a wrestler.”

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