Bianca Belair’s athletic prowess is undeniable and the two vignettes that aired these past few weeks on Monday Night Raw might be a glimpse into how The EST of WWE will dominate her opponents inside the square circle.

However, Bianca understands that her talents stretch far beyond just her in-ring ability, and that she needs to show various sides of her to truly get over with the WWE Universe. This is precisely why Bianca spends hours building up content for her YouTube channel, which typically documents how she makes all her designer in-ring outfits herself.

In a chat with Digital Spy, Bianca explained why her YouTube channel is critical to her success in WWE.

“It shows different elements of myself aside from my character. My character is very multi-faceted, very powerful, she can get in the ring and do an array of things but I like to use my YouTube channel to show other elements of myself that I feel I many not be able to show in the ring.

“I’m able to show on YouTube what I’m passionate about, what I love to do and one of those things is sewing my gear,” she said.

Bianca said that showing off her other passions online also lends into her WWE character.

“Bianca Belair, she knows nobody can do it like her, nobody can do it better than her, and that also includes making my gear. I can never get my ideas across to people where they totally understand it completely, so I’m just like: ‘I’m going to do it myself, cause nobody can do it like me.’

“So I’m able to really show that on my YouTube channel with the sewing and really connect with fans and get that other side of me out there.”

As reported earlier, Bianca Belair and Peyton Royce are two wrestlers who had been in line for major pushes.