Big E, who is reportedly in line for a big singles push on the WWE SmackDown brand, continues to draw inspiration from a backstage chat he once had with The Undertaker.

While looking ahead to The Undertaker’s 30-year anniversary at the upcoming Survivor Series event, Big E said his fondest memories of the WWE icon were not from on-screen performances, as is the case for scores of fans across the world.

“Most people will remember the on-screen stuff but for us, as performers, getting those backstage conversations [with The Undertaker] was like gold,” he told SportsKeeda.

Big E continued, “I remember one such conversation when he told me, ‘Man, I watched you when you first came up [to the main roster], and I had no idea you had as much personality as you showed. When I heard that, it really made my day.

“To be honest, it more than just my day, to be complimented by a guy like that, a man of his stature. I was really appreciative,” added Big E.

Big E said that although The Undertaker was ‘that guy’ backstage and someone who everyone thought of as ‘the godfather of wrestling,’ it was never too difficult to approach The Deadman and have an actual conversation.

“I was fortunate enough to call him a co-worker in many ways. I think back to all those times when I could just talk to him, meet his kids, who are big fans of The New Day, and those are the moments I’ll never forget.

“It’s remarkable that he’s been around for 30 years and still going strong. He’s on that Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling.”

Meanwhile, Big E was asked about Jey Uso getting a singles push after spending nearly 10 years as a tag team specialist.

“He’s knocked it out of the park,” said Big E. “To think that, just what a few months ago, he was hosting a karaoke segment with the women. And now, to see the way he’s stepped up, and the amount of the emotion he’s brought to this [feud with Roman Reigns], it’s amazing.

“I always knew he had this ability, and knew it was just a mater of getting that opportunity. And as soon a crack was opened in the door, he was able to step through it. I’ve told him several times already that he’s killing it right now,” added Big E.

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