WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley joined Corey Graves on the latest episode of WWE After The Bell where he discussed his ventures into MMA and pro wrestling. Lashley said that his desire to return to WWE never waned and that is why he never burned any bridges. He explained the clause in his Bellator contract where his contract would be paused if he were to return to WWE.

“It never went off. After I left, there was a brief time where you just kind of breathe,” Lashley explained. “For some people, that breathing time is to bash the company, but that wasn’t me. I never made that kind of money before, and I don’t know if there was a profession that I could have made that kind of money before, so I never wanted to burn any bridges, but I did want to fight. So I had the time where I was focused just on fighting, and then I made some calls in.

“I spoke to Johnny a few times, and he was like, ‘well, we don’t really have anything for you,’ which is understandable. So I just kept going and doing what I was doing, and then when I signed with Bellator and I did the stuff with IMPACT, with TNA, I signed a contract with Bellator and I said, if I have an opportunity to go back to professional wrestling, which I’m going to, I want out of this contract. And they said, ‘we’re not going to do it for any wrestling promotion, but we’ll do it for WWE.’ So if WWE allows you to come back, then we will halt your contract, not stop it, we’ll halt it, we’ll pause it.

“So if you ever come back to fighting, you still owe us these fights. We’ll sign. I was like, that’s cool with me because I enjoy Bellator. They treat me really well, and they gave me that out. I’ll fight, and I’ll continue kind of changing my character and building myself a little bit. And then when the WWE’s ready, I’ll be ready.”

Lashley said that he still has a desire to return to MMA and revealed the discussion that he’s had with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. He joked that if he gets too old, he could always get into a bar fight.

“Yes, god, I should say no because there’s a time where you gotta just stop,” Lashley admitted. “I actually was with the Bare Knuckles guy a couple months ago. Before this all happened, they had a fight in Philadelphia. We were coming through, and he called me up. He was like, ‘hey, man, come down.’ And we discussed possibly doing something with Bare Knuckles.

“It sounds a little weird, but I’m not that guy that’s just like, ‘oh, I just gotta fight everyone.’ But it is one of those things where I’ve learned boxing. I’ve taught boxing. I like boxing, and I enjoy fighting. I think there’s opportunities there. I think that before it’s all said and done, I’m pretty sure I’ll get another fight in. If my wrestling career lasts too long where I get too old, I’ll probably end up fighting in a bar, on the street or something like that just to get my fix in.”

Lashley also gave his thoughts on RAW Underground. He said he liked the concept but noted that talent fighting in RAW Underground should get proper MMA training to create more authenticity.

“I think it’s something new. It’s something different,” Lashley said. “New is always it’s always intriguing. A lot of times people will say bad things [or] good things, but ultimately, they’re watching because it’s different. So I like it. I think the one thing that I would I would kind of bring in a little bit for some of the guys is I would have the guys that are actually going to do it do some actual fight training, do little bit more fight training because I think it always goes back to if you’re going to mimic something, mimic it right.

“If I’m gonna do a salute, I’m going to do a salute that Army guys are going to look at me and say, ‘oh man, he’s not showing his palm. His arm’s showing, something like that.’ So same thing with Underground. If I’m gonna go out there fighting and everything like that, then some of these guys should go and take a class in boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and stuff like that so they can hone their craft.

“They don’t really need it for professional wrestling but at least pick up little bits and pieces so that if MMA guys are watching, he’s like, ‘that’s awesome, and they know what they’re doing. They’re paying respects to the actual sport.'”

Lashley also addressed his long desire to face Brock Lesnar. Lashley noted that many fans want the match citing fans talking about all the time on his photos of his kids.

“He’s running from me,” Lashley remarked. “When I first came in, he left. When I left, he came back. When I came back, he left. He’s been running from me this whole time. You know, what’s funny is I met Brock for the first time maybe a year ago. Never crossed paths with him but I’ve been talked about it from the day that I started.

“So for me, somebody once told me that was up, they were like, ‘oh, Brock has other stuff,’ and I was like, ‘alright, that’s cool.’ And it’s the same thing that I said before, if the fans wanted enough, I don’t see why you don’t give it to them, and they’ve been yelling about it. I can post a picture about my kids on Instagram, and they’re like, ‘we want Bobby and Brock.’ And that is not a lie. Every one of the posts that I have has something about Brock.”

Lashley has fantasy booked a potential match with Lesnar, and Lashley doesn’t mind if it’s a fight in the cage or the squared circle. He also gave his own dream scenario of him hitting a shooting star press on Lesnar as a callback to WrestleMania 19.

“So for me, I don’t really mind it man. I am a competitor,” Lashley stated. “If it’s fighting, I don’t mind going to fighting him. I like to fight. I enjoy it. I’m not someone that’s going to fight in a bar or anything like that. I just like to support a fight, and I would love to be able to fight him in the cage. It would be an astronomical fight. It would be awesome fight or pro wrestling.

“I would love to do pro wrestling. I tell you, if I did pro wrestling, I have already seen what I want to do. I don’t know how the finish would be, but the shooting star, I said, you know what, I would definitely hit that on him.

“And I haven’t gone up to the top rope, but that would be something that would need to happen. Either I went for it, he stood up and caught me, or he took it and kicked out of it or I hit him and pin him because that match is that big and would need a good punch.”

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