Danhausen Gives Update On ROH Status Following Being Pulled From Recent TV Tapings

Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down today with the very nice, very evil Danhausen on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily to discuss Danhausen's recent absence from ROH TV tapings. Danhausen was removed from the tapings due to COVID-19 concerns, and he discussed the situation.


"Well, Danhausen, he's tested negative twice, but to be safe, Ring of Hausen sent Danhausen home just to be safe, and then I was still negative," Danhausen noted. "So here we are, but that's the risk that comes with having to go to work."

Danhausen was part of GCW's The Collective that has seen a number of wrestlers test positive for COVID-19. Danhausen spoke on the risk talent take in participating in these types of large shows.

"Probably so but it is a risk, and we know the risks going into it," Danhausen said. "You must weigh the risk and the reward. Danhausen was quite rewarded at The Collective, so he took the risk. Unfortunately, that cost him the TV tapings, this time, but Danhausen will creep his way back in."


Hausman asked if situations like this will mean that Danhausen will be less likely to take indie bookings. Danhausen admits that it has, noting that he has to stay inside for two weeks when traveling from Canada. He said he now picks and chooses which events he goes to and noted that everyone is trying to be as safe as possible.

"Actually, Danhausen was already less likely to be doing indie shows because every time he leaves Canada, he comes back. He has to stay in the house for two weeks," Danhausen noted. "So Danhausen picks and chooses the most at once. The Collective was the most at once. So Danhausen saved up everything to go do five shows at once, and then come back and not do anything else. We know the risks. The only thing we can do is try to be safe as possible while trying to do our jobs. That's all you can really do."

Danhausen debuted with ROH recently making a few appearances with the promotion. However, he is not signed and has campaigned on Twitter to have ROH sign him and has received assistance from ROH talent Brody King. Danhausen discussed his current ROH status.

"I'm trying to get hired!" Danhausen revealed. "Ring of Honor, hire Danhausen. You would think they would just say, 'hey, Danhausen, you are hired! Look at this, you've sold out two items.' Danhausen thinks there's probably five posters left out of the 50. You would think they should be, 'hello Danhausen, make us more money,' but it is what it is. Danhausen is knocking at the door. Soon, Danhausen is going to get an axe and knock down the door with the axe."


Danhausen also spoke on his match at The Collective against Mordecai. He said that while Mordecai destroyed Danhausen's tooth jar, his version of The Undertaker's urn, he had too much power and that helped him win that match.

"He's, as you know, possibly the brother of Undertaker and Kane," Danhausen pointed out. "Who knows? That's out there. That's a rumor. Kane is Danhausen's inspiration for his powers. So it was quite nice to put a match together with his potential brother... except he shattered Danhausen's teeth right at the beginning of the match. He shattered Danhausen's tooth jar immediately, which, as you know, is much like The Undertaker's urn. Danhausen was almost powerless, but he is so much power. It really didn't matter."

Hausman and Danhausen also discussed all things Halloween, including favorite horror movies. Danhausen talked about his plans for Halloween this year.

"Danhausen, this year, as you may have seen, bought a Elvira costume. So Danhausen will be strutting around the home watching horror movies as Elvira," Danhausen revealed. "Changes year from year. One year, Danhausen was Spider-Man, one year, Batman"

Hausman theorized that Danhausen was a Santa Claus type for the kids on Halloween night. However, Danhausen claimed that Santa Claus was evil and also claimed to be human and not a vampire.


"No, too evil. That man is evil," Danhausen asserted. "Very evil, he leaves coal. Danhausen will not be sneaking in anybody's homes. You must be invited in. Danhausen's not a vampire. Danhausen is a regular human just like you."

You can support Danhausen by following him on Twitter @DanhausenAD or by visiting him at Cameo.com/Danhausen. Danhausen's full interview aired as part of today's episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it's released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.