With NXT hosting it’s very own Halloween Havoc next week on the USA Network, what better way to talk about its original legacy in WCW than by talking to someone who’s been involved in that said event numerous times: Diamond Dallas Page. It’s been 23 years ago since Page and “Macho Man” Randy Savage duked it out in a Las Vegas Sudden Death match stipulation. Although Savage came out the victor – with a little help from Hulk Hogan – DDP remembers all the great matches he had before and after that well remembered match with Savage.

Halloween Havoc, besides Savage, which was the feud of the year, it took him and Hulk Hogan to take me out of the match is really the greatest compliment ever,” Page said with a chuckle in his interview on WWE’s The Bump. “Of all the matches I’ve had with Randy Savage were just that: savage!

“I really loved working with Randy. Randy and I were very like-minded in a lot of different ways. When Randy passed, they put up his five greatest feuds, and our match was on there. For me to be mentioned, that was a big honor!”

Just two weeks ago, fans, promoters and wrestlers celebrated the late great Eddie Guerrero’s 53rd birthday. DDP was one of many who paid his respects to the former WWE and WCW Heavyweight Champion. Before he built his feud up with Savage, Page found himself in an acrobatic/strong style matchup with the high flying cruiserweight. He admits that if there was never an Eddie, DDP would not be where he is today.

“Eddie was actually the guy that if you were watching my matches, you were like, ‘Man, he can really go out there.’ I had someone who was really willing to work with me. I don’t think there will ever be anyone more talented than Eddie. I’d put Eddie right next to Shawn Michaels when it comes to workability,” DDP complimented.

Before concluding his interview with The Bump, Page talked about his working relationship with Goldberg, and how he knew many years ago what a huge prospect he was going to be, even before their official debuts. Goldberg sent out a special message to DDP, which made both men cry.

“He was really physically. If he hit you, he really hit you,” he laughed. “He’s still doing this stuff in his 50’s – he’s like Cyborg…Put him in a pressure spot, and he’ll rise up.”

You can watch Diamond Dallas Page’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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