Every wrestler has their list of dream matches that they would like to have one day, even someone like Dominik Mysterio, who has wrestled just a handful of matches so far. He gave his list of dream opponents when he was interviewed on The Chris Van Vliet Show.

“I’ve always said Randy Orton, just because I’ve always been a big fan and I love his style of work. But I think dream matches besides Randy [would be] someone like Andrade. I think me and him would — I just wrestled him very briefly on Monday, him and [Angel] Garza, but I would love to get in there a little bit longer with Andrade, Garza, Humberto [Carrillo]. I’d love to go one-on-one with Humberto. I think that would be absolutely phenomenal,” said Dominik.

“If I could, someone like Edge, some of the big names. I’ve worked with Seth [Rollins]. I’d love to wrestle Roman [Reigns]. I think that would be fun as well, but there’s so many guys, and guys in NXT like Adam Cole, guys like Austin Theory. There are so many people I’d love to work with, but we’ll see what the future holds.”

The elephant in the room when it comes to Dominik wrestling is the question of will he wrestle his father, Rey Mysterio? There haven’t been too many father vs. son matches in wrestling history, and Dominik answered if he’d step into the ring with his old man.

“Yes, most definitely. I think that’ll be — that’s still a long time from now, but I remember all the spankings he gave me as a kid. So, I’m sure our match will come,” Dominik said before being asked how close Rey is to retiring.

“I don’t think he’s been close to retiring yet. He’s always felt really good. His left knee has been through multiple surgeries, and other than that, he’s still going. And I always ask him because he’ll jump in the ring with me and train, and I’ll ask him, ‘Hey, how are you feeling? You’re feeling good?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I feel great’. I don’t think he’s going to call quits anytime soon.”

Dominik says his first wrestling memory goes back to when his father was still in WCW, so he’s got 20 years of wrestling memories of his dad. He was asked what his favorite matches are of Rey Mysterio’s legendary career.

“I was a big fan of the Cyber Sunday [2007] he did with Fit Finlay, I think in October. I don’t remember if it was the 30th or 31st, but I thought that was a great match. They did a Stretcher Match, and I love those Cyber Sundays,” stated Dominik. “I thought those were so unique and so cool. I don’t know if the fans actually did end up picking the stipulation for the match – I always thought they did. But that match stands out to me; I love that match.”

The fans voted for the stipulations in all of the matches on the Cyber Sunday card and “they” chose a stretcher match over a no-DQ match and a Shillelagh on a Pole match. Mysterio was victorious in the match in what would be the second-to-last Cyber Sunday event before it was replaced with Bragging Rights. Dominik also talked about other matches of his father’s that he enjoyed.

“His first Super J Cup in Japan with Psychosis, they tore the house down. They did every lucha move in the book and they absolutely killed it,” said Dominik. “I love this match, and even though it didn’t get to the finish, his match with Sabu at One Night Stand [2006]. I thought if they were able to finish that through, I think that would have been one for the books… Also, his WrestleMania 22 moment against Kurt [Angle] and Randy [Orton]. That’s just a great match with storytelling, and physicality, and everything. It’s just so good, and of course, I can’t forget his ’97 Halloween Havoc [vs. Eddie Guerrero in a title vs. mask match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship].”

As someone who has grown up in the wrestling industry, Dominik has also gotten to witness great matches from wrestlers besides his father. He cited many of those, and a couple of them occurred before he was even born.

“I was a big fan of watching [Ricky] Steamboat and Ric Flair – humongous fan of that. I also loved watching Shawn Michaels. I think Shawn and Razor Ramon in that first ladder match – so good. I just love that Shawn only throws one superkick and that’s it. I love the fact about that,” stated Dominik.

“Eddie and Edge tore the house down as well for their Intercontinental feud back in the day. Eddie and RVD, as well. I loved watching Dean and Benoit ? Dean Malenko and Benoit. But there’s just so much; I can go on forever.”

Dominik mentioned the Benoit name, which is still taboo in many circles, but there is also a second-generation wrestler in that family in Chris’ son, David. He has trained some with Lance Storm in Canada, and Dominik was asked if he would have any interest in wrestling David Benoit.

“I’d love that. I think that in itself is a historic generational match because that’s so cool. I haven’t talked to David in a while, but we’ve communicated when I was at Storm’s because, I believe, he lives in Edmonton [Alberta, Canada] and that’s a three-hour drive from Calgary. So, we communicated and we’ve talked before, and I would like to say we were good friends back in the day because our parents would always take us out to dinner together. We would go to eat at Rainforest Cafe and go to Dinosaur Museums together, so it was really cool, and I’d love to eventually work with him one day.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.

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