Exclusive News On Why WWE NXT Is No Longer Taping At Full Sail University

As previously reported, WWE NXT will stop taping from Full Sail University and will return to the WWE Performance Center starting with NXT "Takeover: 31" this Sunday.

Wrestling Inc. has learned that NXT has amicably left Full Sail University for the time being for several reasons.


The main reason is that NXT is no longer using Full Sail students at their tapings. In the past, they have used students in various capacities from camera personnel and production assistants that were taking creative classes that were given the opportunity to shadow those in NXT to learn various aspects of the wrestling business. With NXT being a closed set with WWE personnel only, there are no plans to use Full Sails students as this time.

It was noted that Full Sail won't allow fans to attend live shows on campus for the foreseeable future.

Additionally with the COVID-19 outbreaks NXT has had, the University has partially re-opened to in-student learning and NXT uses some of the conference rooms in the building across from the NXT Arena and sometimes come in contact with students in passing and those rooms are used by others when NXT is not on campus. With the Performance Center having undergone some recent renovations since moving to the Amway Center, training has been occurring at a secondary facility just down the road. The feeling of keeping everyone close and them being the only ones using such facilities played a factor.


If and when NXT decides to have live fans again, the decision will be of their own and not have to coincide with Full Sail. The door is open for NXT to return to Full Sail in the future.

As noted, Triple H stated during a media call this week that Sunday's Takeover event will have a unique look and feel, which he said could be "game changing".

"So this Sunday's Takeover will have a very unique look and feel, something totally different that hasn't been done so far," he said. "You'll find out more on Sunday, but it will be very unique, and I think hopefully, at least for us, game changing."

WWE NXT "Takeover: 31" takes place this Sunday from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Make sure to check back here this Sunday for our live WWE NXT Takeover coverage, as well as the latest breaking news leading to the show.