During last night’s “Call Your Shot” Battle Royal at Impact Bound for Glory, Heath reportedly sustained an abdominal or groin injury. Fairly early into him entering the match, Heath was down on the mat as things continued on. Heath spoke a few times to a ref about his injury, and was able to move to a corner, staying in the match until the final four — along with Rhino, James Storm, and Sami Callihan.

The winner of the match received a future title shot of their choosing, but also, if Rhino or Heath won then Heath received a full-time contract. If neither won, both were out of the company. Rhino ended up winning the match, although according to PWInsider that was not the original finish.

Heath was initially slated to win the match, beating Callihan when it came down to the final two. Since the injury occurred, the switch was made to have Rhino take Heath’s place and win.

Afterwards, Heath went to the hospital, posting a photo on social media while he was there. No official word yet on the injury he sustained.