Jey Uso is in the middle of his first run as a singles star in WWE, after spending nearly 10 years as a tag team specialist. His ongoing rivalry with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has received a lot of critical acclaim from both fans and former wrestlers.

A few days ahead of the first-ever “I Quit” Hell in a Cell match for the Universal Championship against Reigns, Jey spoke to The Gorilla Position Podcast to reveal the origins of the feud with Reigns and why WWE has allowed the cousins to cut unscripted promos.

Jey revealed the feud was Vince McMahon’s brainchild.

“That old man is a genius for a reason,” said Jey Uso. “I’m pretty sure when he threw the idea out there, most of his team was like, ‘eh, we don’t know if it will work.’ However, it is working.

“There’s a reason this story is working and people are drawn to it. If it feels real to me, it is definitely going to come off real to the people,” added Uso.

Jey said he realized McMahon was a genius storyteller during a Backlash 2017 match featuring The Usos and Breezango for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. During that match, Breeze disguised himself as a janitor and an elderly woman, which allowed him to get some offense on The Usos, who could not retaliate with offense of their own.

“I remember that night so well. The Man [McMahon] says, ‘Let’s put a lady in there, a janitor.’ When we asked him how we’re gonna pull that off, he said, ‘I don’t know. Figure it out.’

“When it comes to creative, it’s all him. He’s running it, Uce. It is his show, and whatever goes, goes. The man knows wrestling and storytelling, and that’s what separates our whole feud with Reigns, because it feels real, and feels right.”

Jey, a 6-time WWE Tag Team Champion, also revealed if his promos with Reigns are scripted.

“Not a lot of it is scripted. They can’t write our promos, they can’t write how we feel about each other. The cool thing is we’ve got to a level now where they trust us to do our thing. They’ve taken the chains off and we’re just going more and more at it every week.”

In the interview, Jey stressed that both him and Reigns are doing “the best work they have ever done” in the WWE.

As noted, WWE has announced a new segment for this week’s Friday Night SmackDown in which Reigns will reveal “the consequences” for this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match with Jey Uso.

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