Joey Janela responded to a fan who told AEW that they should pay its talent better, so they wouldn’t have to do indie shows, especially during COVID-19.

The fan tweeted to AEW, “Can’t you just pay your guys enough to not do Indy shows for a year? An indy show is the exact opposite of any situation that is safe for Covid.”

Janela responded to the fan, revealing he doesn’t do indie shows for the money and his AEW paycheck is more than enough.

His full tweet was the following, “Moron I wasn’t doing indie shows for the money I was doing it for the ring time and the love for the business, my paycheck is more than enough, and would’ve done Indies for free…. I’ve really had enough of this app”

As previously reported, AEW pulled Joey Janela from yesterday’s Dynamite due to him being exposed to someone who had COVID-19 at a recent indie event.

Janela’s opponent at GCW The Last Resort, AJ Gray, announced yesterday that he tested positive for COVID-19. The event was last Friday.

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