Just as the right gimmick can take a wrestler to the next level, the right theme music can also add a new element to a talent. Kevin Nash had memorable theme songs throughout his career, including the sound of an 18-wheeler while performing as Diesel.

Nash talked about the importance of a wrestler’s theme and if it was something he would fight for when he joined That Hashtag Show.

“Yeah, because to me, when you have a match, the first thing that happens that gets a response is your theme music. So, they hear that first note — I used to tell Scott that all the time. His Razor Ramon music was sweet,” said Nash.

“I said, ‘You know why you’re going to get over?’ We were stoned one day. I said, ‘Do you know why you’re going to get over?’ He goes, ‘Why?’ ‘Because you got sweet ring music.’ He looked at me like, ‘What?’ And he did. And then, so you get that pop, then you get the pop when he comes through the curtain, and then he had the swag. Then he wipes his feet, goes in, do his cha-cha-cha… to me, he’s the most underrated of all the people that have been in the business.”

Nash calls his former partner and longtime friend the most underrated talent in the business, yet Scott Hall never won a World Championship in a major promotion. He won secondary or tag titles in WWE, WCW, TNA and AWA, but on the subject, Nash was asked why Hall never got a World Title run.

“Maybe his demons? I don’t know… I remember when he was supposed to beat Jericho in three minutes on a Nitro, and Jericho was starting to get a push and Jericho was getting over without getting over,” recalled Nash. “I should say that, no, Jericho was not getting a push, but he was getting over on his own. And Scott put him over, and they came through the thing and Bischoff said, ‘What the f–k was that?’ And Scott was like, ‘You don’t watch the show? He’s got it. I don’t need to win.’

“And that’s like in TNA. One night, one of the agents came up to me and said, ‘I thought you gave him too much’, and I said, ‘Don’t you think I’ve had mine?’ Scott never went in. You have to lobby for that thing. The politics of wrestling, I mean, that’s as important as your — if not more [important] than your move set because my move set was six-seven moves.”

During Nash’s era, big guys were simply supposed to be big guys and rely on power and intimidation in the ring. That has changed with this era, as big guys like Keith Lee use their athleticism and flip around like guys 100 pounds lighter. Nash was asked if this is a positive change with guys his size utilizing a different skill set than before.

“I mean, to me, I think it’s great that they can do it. But I remember, one time, I was still kind of Shawn’s bodyguard, and we had a tag match and Scott was on the other side,” recalled Nash. “And I called a leapfrog spot, and we got in the back and Scott looked at me, and he said, ‘F–k dude.’ He said, ‘You’re the biggest guy in the Federation and you’re avoiding contact?’ I was like, ‘Well, I’m trying to be athletic.’ He goes, ‘Your money is that you’ll bump. That’s one thing you’ll do. You’ll feed the comeback.’ He says, ‘What you do is you cut the ring off, get a guy in the corner, you pound him. That’s what you do.’ He said, ‘That’s why it works.'”

Everyone always wonders who the next big star in wrestling will be to follow in the footsteps of Hulk Hogan, or Steve Austin, or John Cena. But Nash doesn’t see anyone ascending to that position anytime soon because he, like Ryback, thinks that WWE doesn’t want anyone to become that big of a star.

“I don’t think that. One of the biggest things psychology-wise is there won’t be another John Cena. There won’t be a ‘man’; they don’t want to create that anymore. They want to create several stars like when you used to be a WWE Superstar. That’s what they’re doing now,” stated Nash.

“I think turning Roman was huge because they did with Roman what they did to Diesel. He was over as an ass-kicker then, they made him do the little teacup commercial and all that — I remember with the Santa Claus hat on. I was beating everybody’s ass. The next thing you know, I wish you a Merry Christmas in Titan Tower. Basically, [I was] just castrated, and then I did the tweener thing on my way out and got back over, and that’s when Diesel was, you know, the match with Bret [Hart] going forward was probably the best of Diesel because that’s who I was.

“And I think that was a fact with Roman. Roman has a little bit of that? Number one, there are times where I’ve seen pictures, I’ll go through Twitter and I’ll say, ‘Is that me?’ I’m like, ‘No, that’s Roman’, because when I was Diesel, there’s a little bit — the tattoos of course, but now I’m changing. But I thought we both kind of had a similar look, and I said, ‘jeez, it’s almost like the kiss of doom, too.’ But I think now he’s situated where he needs to be.”

Since Nash compared himself to Roman Reigns and Nash was aligned with Scott Hall throughout much of his career, then who would he compare Hall to? And also, could they have the same impact as The Outsiders did when they popped up in WCW?

“I don’t know. I think if you could get Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns to go over to AEW together, I think that would be a big game-changer,” said Nash.

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