Lana took to Twitter to provide an update on how she’s training for her upcoming match against Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship.

“I ate #raw eggs today and then threw up twice in my mouth & swallowed it!!!!! #LanaCrush @WWEAsuka!!! #LanaNumber1 @WWE,” she tweeted.

Liv Morgan, who is also seen in the picture, confirmed that Lana did swallow raw eggs.

“She totally did,” tweeted Liv.

Earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, Lana shocked the world by winning a dual-brand battle royal to become the No. 1 contender to Asuka’s title. Lana’s win capped off an eventful night in which she was dumped by her tag team partner, Natalya, and later put through an announce table by Nia Jax. Miro compared his wife’s feats to that of Rocky, stating that even “Rocky was a jobber once” and America loves underdog stories.

Lana picked up her first televised win since January when she teamed up with Bobby Lashley in a mixed tag match.

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