Miro was on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he dove deep into his childhood in Bulgaria and his time so far in AEW. At the end of the podcast, Miro took Twitter questions from fans, and one person asked which title is his favorite. Miro named his TV title, a title that he claimed he won in 2016 when he took a TV monitor following the League of Nations’ attack on Roman Reigns.

“My TV title. The one that I got – the TV monitor that I got from one of the events,” Miro said. “We were the League of Nations. After a day or two, we found out that no one gives a s–t about League of Nations. We were there to create one thing; I found that out. Then I think Stu got hurt, Barrett got hurt. I think Del Rio really got hurt, and we were protecting Sheamus because Sheamus was champion.

“So, I knew that I was like, ‘F’ it, I’m just gonna bump. I’m just gonna do everything I need to because I don’t care… I’m going to bump for every single thing.’ I don’t care, because I was at the point where I didn’t care.

“It’s not that I don’t care. I’m going to go 110%. I’m just going to have fun with it because this is the way of me dealing with the bulls–t. It’s getting the bulls–t and having fun with it, because otherwise, I’ll be stuck in your bulls–t. If I’m stuck in your bulls–t, then it’s not gonna be pretty for anybody.”

Miro continued talking about the moment where he hugged Vince McMahon and took the TV monitor. He revealed that WWE did ask for it back, but let him have it after he asked to keep it. He says that he still has it to this day.

“So, I’m having fun. So there it is,” Miro stated. “I think Roman was laid across the table. I run, like Umaga style – big splash. Boom. Vince McMahon is there. I know because Rikishi always taught – because Rikishi was my first second trainer. He told me this is what makes you the money. So, if Vince McMahon is there, where’s the camera going to go? Of course it’s going to go to Vince McMahon. So, what I do [is] I go and give him a big sweaty hug with all my sweatiness from the match. I just go and hug him and squeeze him so hard, and ‘hahaha’, whatever.

“We get the pop. On the way out, I see this monitor, and I was so tempted. I’m like, ‘You know what? F’ it.’ I grab that TV monitor, you know, the old ones? Not the LED, the big one. I’m carrying it out, and I’m walking out. And Del Rio sees that. He’s trying to grab it, and I’m like, ‘Give me my monitor. I’m not throwing away that thing.’ And then on the way out, Big Show – because we’re supposed to be on the pathway with Big Show – I see him looking. ‘Don’t you dare take away my monitor!’ And I blew past.

“And to this day, I took the monitor home. They did ask for it. I said ‘Hey, can I have it?’ They said OK, so they let me have the monitor, and to this day, it’s in my house in my man cave in Nashville. And this is probably my most precious title because everything else, it’s a bulls–t work. This was a real title.”

Miro was also asked about John Cena and whether him being in AEW would affect his relationship with him. He talked about how Cena has taught him “how to wrestle”. He also praised Cena, saying that he truly cares. Miro believes that being in AEW does not change the fact that he could text Cena at anytime and would get a response from him.

“I love John,” Miro expressed. “I can’t be thankful enough for John for teaching me how to wrestle. And when I say that, I knew how to wrestle, but teaching me timing, teaching me the psychology, teaching me how to listen to the people, react to the people, [and] having to be able to control the people the way you want it – that’s what John taught me. And I love John, and I always had a great relationship with him.

“Me being in AEW, I don’t think that will change anything because John is doing movies. John is doing great, and I know that if I need advice, I’m pretty sure I can just text him and he will always respond because that’s how John is. John cares, man. People think he’s this and that, but John really cares.”

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