Miro was on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he discussed his time in WWE addressing the reports from 2018 where he had possibly asked for his release. Miro said he was unhappy in WWE and told Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carano, but the news leaked. He lamented the fact that he could not speak to anyone in WWE without having it leak out to the media.

“I don’t know if I had planned anything,” Miro admitted. “There was a point when I was really unhappy I didn’t make a big fuss. Once again, ‘The Stooges’ find out that I wanted to leave because there was only one person. I went and said, ‘Mark, I want to leave.’ He’s like, ‘OK bud, we can make it happen.’ That was maybe two or three years ago, whenever it was. Of course, nothing happened, but the internet found out about it the same day. So it’s like whatever. It’s really whatever because you can’t go nowhere to complain.

“Once you go to complain somewhere, it leaks right out. So who do you go to tell because if you’re unhappy, who do you go and tell because you can’t get a meeting with the big boss. It’s just impossible. You go to whoever you’re supposed to, and it leaks right to the dirt sheets. Where am I going? Where do I complain. People have mental breakdowns. There’s nowhere to complain. It blows my mind.”

Miro said that his wife, Lana (CJ Perry) was very supportive of him leaving WWE. He talked about how they got closer without wrestling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how their schedules have changed with her working in WWE and with him working in AEW.

“Of course, she’s always supportive. She’s always supportive,” Miro said. “We’ve known each other for so many years, and 99% of the time we’ve been together. Traveling, sleeping, eating, working out, every single thing, 24 hours we’re together and now all of a sudden, we were lucky with the pandemic. We’re not lucky, but when the pandemic came in we were kind of stuck together at home.

“But instead of us tearing each other apart, I feel like our relationship grew from that, and we got to share more time together and just not think about wrestling. We were just able to be human beings and have somewhat of a normal life sleeping at home every night instead of five days at Marriott. So I think definitely our relationship has grown since, but it’s hard because now she leaves on Sunday.

“She won’t be back until Tuesday when I already left, and so it’s kind of like our schedule definitely long, but with AEW, we’re real lucky enough that we work not as often. Also, she works in Florida. We’ll be able to get a house there or something. We can hang out more often. Once again, we’re not going to be at home, but at least we’re going to be together.”

Miro discussed the storyline in which his character was revealed to be sex addict. He revealed that the original storyline was for his character to have erectile dysfunction, and discussed talking to Vince McMahon about changing the story for his character to be a sex addict instead.

“That’s when I came out and they want CJ to say that I’m a sex addict, but the original pitch was that I have erectile dysfunction,” Miro revealed. “They really wanted to kill me like completely because I don’t think in any anybody’s eyes how the baby face has erectile dysfunction, and he’s somewhat of a good guy. And there’s nothing wrong with people having erectile dysfunction, you know, there’s the pills you can take. But that was not the case here and there’s no coming back from it.

“There’s absolutely no coming back from it, and I told him, ‘Vince, this this is going to bury me completely. You have the man that took my wife, and now, I have erectile dysfunction and then I’m going to lose. Well, I was not supposed to lose anyways, but that’s just changing time. I just think it’s a better idea if we do the sex addict thing.’ So he went for it right away, but thank God. Thank God I did not have erectile dysfunction as a character.”

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