Before his WWE Championship Match against Drew McIntyre inside Hell in a Cell at tomorrow’s PPV, Randy Orton tweeted out some comments about other wrestlers.

First up, a fan asked Orton if James Storm ever had any heat with the Orton family after using the “Cowboy” moniker that Randy’s father, Bob Orton, also used during his career. Orton gave a quick response, unsure of who the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion even was.

“[Who’s] James Storm,” Orton responded.

Storm was in NXT for a very short period of time at the end of 2015, opting not to sign with the company, and instead returning to TNA. In an interview with Lucha Libre Online earlier this month, Storm noted WWE had planned on bringing him back this year until the COVID-19 pandemic changed plans.

“I signed the contract and all that stuff and I was just waiting to take the physical,” Storm explained in the interview. “They called me and told me it was going to the be put off because of all the stuff going on. Once I seen that they were making all these cuts with all these different guys and stuff like that I just knew it was a matter of time before they retract the contract. It sucks because I can sit here and say ‘me me me’ but in the whole scheme of things it was a lot of people who lost their jobs. All I can do is keep on keeping on and doing my thing and hopefully there’s another opportunity to come in the future.”

In his other tweet, Orton also gave props to Pete Dunne for getting into great shape over the last few months.

“With everything that is going on…all I gotta say is @PeteDunneYxB is jacked AF,” Orton wrote.

“Viper weight,” Dunne responded, a play on his “Bruiserweight” catchphrase.

Dunne is still a member of NXT, but is stuck in his country until travel restrictions let up. He has instead worked on NXT UK while also getting some experience as a producer for the NXT UK brand.

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