This week’s WWE RAW episode was once again put together at the last minute.

It was reported on Monday, via @Wrestlevotes, that most of the wrestlers didn’t find out what they’d be doing on RAW until shortly after 5pm, just a few hours before going live on the USA Network at 8pm. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reports that most of the talent had no idea what they were doing until late afternoon or early evening, and that WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon didn’t start working with the writing crew until late afternoon.

The Observer adds that Vince was more inaccessible than usual at RAW this week. Vince and the RAW writing crew didn’t sit down to start writing the details of the show until 2pm, which was first reported by Ringside News.

On a related note, RAW Underground didn’t take place this week after 7 straight weeks of the “worked shoot-style” fighting competition, but word is that it is not finished.

While WWE has not scrapped the RAW Underground concept, it was noted that all is subject to change. Many of the talent who would’ve been used as extras in the RAW Underground crowd, and others, were in contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in this latest outbreak.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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