WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently appeared on ESPN First Take to promote his upcoming Hell in a Cell match against Jey Uso.

When asked which wrestler he grew up idolizing in the wrestling business, Reigns spoke in length about why Bret Hart was his hero as a teenager.

“Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart,” Reigns said without any hesitation. “There’s just so much I respected about him. He was like a journeyman, a blue collared guy, a true pro wrestler who went out there and wrestled for 30 minutes every night. He just put a different dynamic on what the top looks like,” added Reigns.

The ‘Tribal Chief’ spoke about why Hart’s influence is evident in today’s generation of wrestlers.

“Unlike before when it was about guys like Ultimate Warrior, I like to think we have a little bit of everything nowadays. We have the mesh of the character, the swagger, and also being able to go in there and put in 20-30 minutes of work like Bret used to do,” said Reigns.

Earlier this year, Bret Hart appeared on WWE’s The Bump and explained why Reigns is among the group of young wrestlers he enjoys watching. A few years ago, Hart also mentioned how Reigns was “a victim of poor booking” and said that’s the primary reason he was booed by WWE fans.

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