The Rock Comments On Inducting Ken Shamrock Into The Impact Hall Of Fame

On last night's Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Pre-Show, The Rock inducted Ken Shamrock into the Impact Hall of Fame.

Via video, Rock spoke about Shamrock being a big part of his early days as a heel in WWE, allowing him to hone his skills along the way. Rock noted Shamrock could have easily passed on working with a newer wrestler like Rock was at that time, but didn't.

After the induction, Impact EVP Scott D'Amore thanked Rock for the induction speech.

"One of the classiest men in the world helping honor another of the classiest Ken in the world. Thank you @TheRock for helping us induct @ShamrockKen in the @IMPACTWRESTLING Hall of Fame!"

Rock wrote back, recalling how nice D'Amore was to him during an indie show in the 90s.

"My pleasure, brother. Ken was very instrumental early in my career and I'll always be grateful to him. Thanks to you as well for being so kind to me on that Indy show we did back in '97. Tell all the Impact boys (and girls) I said keep working hard and have fun."

Shamrock defeated Eddie Edwards later that night on the PPV.