Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Last week, Nick and Matt Jackson talk about getting a text from Tony Khan. Nick says Tony wants to talk about their fines, apparently they owe more. Matt asks Nick if he can spot him tonight. Matt tells Nick they have to keep their eye on the clock because they promised Brandon Cutler they would second him for his match against Peter Avalon. Backstage, Cutler is told his match is next! He’s getting ready for his match, but obviously Nick and Matt aren’t there. He asks around if anyone saw them, but nobody has. Cutler looks to the audience and they aren’t there. Later on, Cutler is outside, Matt and Nick come up talking about getting into the Tag Team 4-Way on this week’s show. Cutler asks them where they were, they try to explain how they got pulled into a meeting, Cutler doesn’t care though. The more he thinks about it, the more Cutler thinks Hangman Page was right. Matt and Nick can’t believe Cutler is listening to Page. Matt says Cutler is so ungrateful, maybe Page was right about him just being a prop and tells him to go get his camera and finish BTE!

* Alex Reynolds and John Silver run into Kris Statlander, Silver can’t believe she’s back and they make fun of her and Kris’ knee injury. She ends up lowblowing Reynolds with her crutch.

* Matt Hardy is with his three boys at the AEW hotel to see The Young Bucks. They ask for Matt and Nick’s autograph. The oldest says in ten years Matt will be “doing the job for me.” Matt doesn’t appreciate that and rips his the paper he just autograph and booted them out of the room. They run to Matt and tell him what happens, “Your autograph is…broken?” Matt talks with the brothers, Matt says the stuff they are doing to push their tweener vibe is “such good s—.” Referencing a phrase Vince McMahon apparently says a lot.

* Matt Hardy vs. Luchasaurus in the Gator Golf tournament for the BTE Title. Matt picks up the win to advance.

* Matt and Nick talk with Christopher Daniels who brings up how they have been acting out the last few weeks. Daniels says he’s worried about them, and gets there’s a lot of pressure to be EVPs. Daniels wonders if it’s becoming too much for them with everybody pecking at them for their time. Daniels says they are family, and they’ve changed so many people’s lives for the better. He continues the two have always been good guys, and if they ever need someone to talk to he’s there for them. He asks them if they have anything they want to talk about, but they don’t, Matt says he “appreciates it.” Daniels says he’s there for them and heads out.

* Cutler heads into the EVP room to talk with Kenny Omega, who seems to be a bit down. Cutler shows his one year anniversary shirt, and tells Kenny he did so much for the company in that year. Omega doesn’t seem to think so since he’s not even on the anniversary show. Omega says he’ll be on this week for the tournament though. Omega says he’s kind over making the company look good and make new stars, but they aren’t on his level and it’s been a “snooze-fest” so he need to shake things up a little. He says to expect a new attitude, less BTE, less funny stuff.

* Dark Order go to their hang out, but Dean Malenko is in there watching something. Reynolds says to not go in there though, they’re outnumbered. They decide to use another room. Angels, 10, Silver, and Reynolds tell some lame jokes as Anna Jay sits in the background looking on.

* Fuego vs. Sammy Guevara in the Golf Gator Tournament. Matt and Nick say they are honestly not sure if Fuego is booked the following week, so if he wins this match, they’ll have to fly him out, get him a hotel, and pay him. Fuego eventually wins the match.

* More Gator Golf: Brandon Cutler vs. Peter Avalon, but they are given a double DQ and never get started. Matt Sydal vs. Colt Cabana (played by Michael Nakazawa), Colt picks up the victory.

* Backstage, a group of people are in line for Private Party’s get together. Cody is among the group trying to get in. Sammy Guevara tries to get in as a plus one, but gets bounced. As do John Silver and Alex Reynolds. Frankie Kazarian walks by and also gets denied entry. Cody points out even he’s on the guest list!

* Alex Abrahantes makes the introductions at a press conference between Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler. Cutler shows up with Luchasaurus, Avalon sits at the table with Ricky Starks by him, Leva Bates is also in attendance. Tony Khan comes out to host the event, noting these two have had a long history together, including some of the worst finishes in AEW history (double DQ and double count-out). Khan says they will settle things on AEW Dark in a match to decide a definitive winner.The press ask a few questions. Cutler is asked if The Young Bucks will be at his match, Cutler responds he has no faith they will be there. They two face off for photos and talk a little trash with Khan standing between them.

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