On Wednesday, Triple H conducted a media call ahead of WWE NXT Takeover 31 the full audio of which can be found on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast. He promised NXT fans and hardcore wrestling fans “something that will be incredibly spectacular.” He also promised that the show will also be memorable for casual fans and said that it will be a “game changer” for the business.

“There’s a lot of times when you’re putting these together that you look for something that will be incredibly spectacular,” Triple H stated. “I think that the majority of NXT fans and hardcore fans that are very very into the in-ring product understand how good this will be. For those that don’t, if you are a more casual fan, this is going to be one, I think, that you will remember for a long period of time.

“I always believe that there are moments where matches happen that you didn’t necessarily see as being this game changer in the business, but I do believe that this one has the potential to change the direction of a lot of things in our industry and change people’s perception certainly of Kyle O’Reilly but of the performances in general.”

Triple H later reiterated his comments about the show saying that will be “game changing.” He also teased that the look and feel of the show will be different than past Takeovers.

“So this Sunday’s Takeover will have a very unique look and feel, something totally different that hasn’t been done so far,” Triple H said. “You’ll find out more on Sunday, but it will be very unique, and I think hopefully, at least for us, game changing.”

Triple H also spoke on the return of NXT UK with the Heritage Cup. He praised BT Sport for allowing them to use their studios to tape shows, and he spoke on the use of the British rounds rules in the tournament.

“We’ve kicked back off in the UK in a big way. I think those shows have been great so far with our partners at BT, who I can’t say enough about allowing us into their studios and being able to get back to doing what the talent there do,” Triple H expressed. “You see the Heritage Cup kicking off there this week, and that will be a tournament that will be in British rounds.

“So all matches will be consisting of six three-minute rounds. The matches are two out of three falls. It’s a very unique, very European style. This is something that we’ve talked about since the beginning. Regal, myself, Shawn Michaels, Jim Smallman [and] Johnny Saint have been a part of these conversations about wanting to bring this format out into the mainstream.

“This Heritage Cup will be something special, especially for UK fans and fans that have a historic kind of background of these things, and this is very British and very European. And I think it’s going to resonate in a big way. It’s different, and I think it’s going to be great.”

Triple H said he hopes that WWE can eventually get people to travel from the U.S. to the United Kingdom and vice versa. He also teased future announcements in the future.

“Excited to have the UK back. Excited for Takeover this weekend,” Triple H said. “Hopefully, we’ll get on the other side of this and be able to start traveling people country to country and with that.

“I know that everybody saw The Bump this morning because I know that you all watch The Bump every single opportunity that you can, and I talked about some opportunities coming up in the future, about some some exciting announcements that will be happening towards future events.”

Wade Barrett recently returned to NXT as a commentator alongside Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix. Triple H spoke on how much of a fan he is of Barrett and the attempts to bring him back to WWE.

“To be honest, I’ve been a big fan of Wade Barrett,” Triple H admitted. “I was a fan of him when he was in the company and then he left, and he started doing commentary. Now, he had done some commentary for us here during a few periods of time, I believe, when he was injured. I think he tore his pec or rotator cuff or something once, and he did it in a stint on commentary. And I remember being very impressed with, and after he left, I had seen him do commentary in different places. And I was very interested in him at various times of him doing it.

“The timing just never matched up right. there. I would have the opening and the possibility of him being a part of it, but he was with somebody else. He would leave there, but I didn’t have an opening anymore. Then, it would reverse, and we sort of kind of finally got to the place where he was available. And we had a need so it worked out perfect, and we made the call and it all went down really quickly and and he came in. This is a difficult time even just doing business with people and flying and traveling and getting places and getting it all done.

“But I’m really happy we were able to come to an agreement on it. He’s a remarkable talent in general especially in the role that he’s in right now. He’s a great addition to NXT. He has a lot of credibility, a lot of very cool points of view, but he also brings very much of a character base to it. And I really like that as well. Very smart guy. So I think he’s just scratching the surface on how good he can be, and I look forward to him getting even better and realizing his full potential here.”

WWE NXT Takeover 31 takes place this Sunday night. It will stream live via the WWE Network.