Since bursting on the scene at 2014’s NXT Arrival, Tyler Breeze has emerged as one of the most popular stars from NXT’s original class. Fans and management alike have praised both his in-ring and character work, and while his main roster TV time was limited, he’s enjoyed a strong return to NXT since rejoining the yellow brand last year.

Despite being one of NXT’s most consistent workers, Prince Pretty is not without his embarrassing moments. Speaking on Uncool with Alexa Bliss, Breeze revealed there has been a few times he’s almost vomited during matches.

“I’ve had a couple of times where I almost threw up in the ring,” Breeze said. “One, I was so blown up; I was super tired. My match with Sami Zayn, you’ll see it because there’s a close up on my face. I think there was a big false finish, maybe a superkick one, and he kicks out and I’m laying down, and I’m just staring straight ahead, and I’m thinking in my head at that moment, ‘I’m about to puke on National TV. It’s going to happen and I can’t do anything about it. It’s going to happen,’ and somehow, it didn’t. That was the one, because I was so blown up that it happened. And the other time was in Belfast or Dublin, and I was sick. I was the most I’ve ever been [sick] and I couldn’t leave the locker room the entire time. I couldn’t walk five feet from the locker room and I’d have to run back and I just threw up everywhere basically.

“I threw up all intermission with Dolph [Ziggler], and I just told him, ‘Hey man, if crawl under the ring, just leave me for a sec’, and he’s like, ‘Okay’ and as we’re working and stuff like that, I was okay. I guess I puked my guts out right before we went out and I was ok. Of course everyone got sick that trip, and Dolph, the next night, he almost puked and I saw him. His head was on the apron at one point, but he didn’t puke, but he was very, very close, but luckily, nothing.”

With Halloween season in full swing, many wrestlers have been known to dress up as superstars of old on October 31, notably seen with The New Day doing their best Brood impression in 2018. While Breeze has never donned any wrestling gear for Halloween, he says he did enjoy dressing up as other fictional characters.

“I actually never did that,” Breeze said. “I never did the dress up as whoever. I never did. I think I got embarrassed dressing up, ironically. When I was a kid, my nana used to make Halloween costumes for us. So, I had Captain Planet and it had this muscle suit. It was awesome – the spiked hair and stuff with Captain Planet. I think I was Freddy Krueger once. Krueger was probably when I was 10 or 11.”

While the former NXT Tag Team Champion is no stranger to some high-risk maneuvers, Breeze revealed that he does still have his fears. According to Breeze, both insects and the ocean were terrifying to him growing up.

“So, I was very scared of bugs,” Breeze said. “I did not like bugs at all. If there was a bug, I would freak out. I was scared of a lot of stuff. I was scared of water. Even now, I’m not a big swimmer, which I’m okay to swim in a pool or something but I’m not a strong swimmer. If I go in the ocean – sharks. I’m super scared of sharks. I’ve watched too many videos of shark attacks. I freak myself out. So, sharks, I’m still scared of. I wasn’t scared of sharks when I was a kid because I wasn’t near an ocean. I was near lakes, and even then, it’s like, ‘Ahh, there’s no sharks in here?'”

Breeze has his phobias of sharks, but he has outgrown some of his other nuisances from his childhood. Breeze recalled being very particular in the kitchen when it came to his meals.

“I was a very picky eater. It’s very weird,” Breeze said. “So, my mom would make me muffins every morning. My nana would make all these muffins, and then I cut them in half and put peanut butter on them and warm them up, and that was my breakfast. I like having one hand free and I don’t like having stuff all over me. So obviously, I’m eating a crumbling muffin with peanut butter all over it. I would have a little washcloth there because I would eat a little bit and then have to wipe my hands off.”

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