Wade Barrett may be settling in at the NXT announce desk, but that hasn’t stopped him from flirting with the idea of getting back in the ring.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the former bare-knuckle boxer reiterated that his best days are likely behind him, but there is one opponent that could lure him back into the squared circle – Drew McIntyre.

“The only thing I didn’t achieve in WWE that I always wanted to achieve was to become the WWE Champion,” Barrett said. “And that title is now held by an old friend of mine, Drew McIntyre. So taking him on for that title is something that certainly might tempt me back for a match or two.”

Barrett debuted in WWE in the first season of NXT, back when the show was a reality show competition. He went on to have unprecedented year-one success on the main roster, leading the popular Nexus stable and feuding with the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton. After the Nexus wrapped up, Barrett went on to win the Intercontinental Championship five times, and was even crowned as King Barrett after winning 2015’s King of the Ring tournament.

The former Bearer of Bad News left the company in 2016, and popped up as an authority figure/commentator in promotions such as WCPW, World of Sport, Lucha Underground, and NWA. Considering his time away from the ring, Barrett stressed that if he were to return, it would be for a limited time.

“In truth, if I was to come back as a full-time in-ring guy, I really would be chasing the sunset of my career. I don’t think there’s that many more years left in me,” Barrett said.

Outside of the squared circle, Barrett is a big music fan, citing the Manic Street Preachers as his favorite band. The former King of the Ring revealed the Manics even agreed to record entrance music for Barrett, but were unable to write the theme music due to scheduling conflicts.

“It turned out that the Manics, at that point, were in the combination of writing their new album and they were also doing a tour,” Barrett said. “So, they were very busy at that point and they weren’t actually able to dedicate the time to writing the theme music. So, it never actually happened, unfortunately.”

That hasn’t stopped Barrett from dreaming up ways to get one last entrance in. He pointed to the Manics’ song ‘Faster’ as the “perfect entrance music,” and has even conceptualized a special place to use it.

“If they would allow me to kind of borrow [‘Faster’] for my music, that would be very cool,” Barrett said. “And it would be very nice if we could have the match and bring a pay-per-view over to the UK – me against Drew at Wembley Stadium.”