WWE 24/7 Title Match: Drew Gulak vs. R-Truth

We go to ringside as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. Out first comes WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth for our Kickoff match. Drew Gulak is out next. Tom shows us how some of the Cricket Wireless mascots will be shown in the ThunderDome LED boards tonight.

The bell rings and Truth plays around with the invisible Little Jimmy. Gulak also waves at Jimmy and tells him to come over. Gulak goofs around with Little Jimmy some more as Truth looks on shocked. Gulak then attacks the invisible Jimmy. Truth attacks Gulak and tackles him to start. Truth unloads and covers for a quick pin attempt. Truth keeps control, going from corner to corner. Truth mounts Gulak in the corner with right hands now. Gulak knocks him back and levels him with a big clothesline out of the corner.

Gulak keeps Truth down now and focuses on the knee. Truth kicks Gulak in the face a few times to knock him away. Gulak with a headlock now. They run the ropes and Truth jumps but Gulak rolls him for a 2 count. Gulak takes Truth down face-first into the mat and goes back to working on the knee. Truth finally gets another opening and hits some familiar moves, including some from John Cena’s moveset. Truth hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle next.

Truth goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Gulak slides out. Truth flies at Gulak with an elbow and takes him down for another close pin attempt. Gulak blocks the scissors kick. Gulak with a running clothesline in the corner. Gulak stomps away in the corner now. Truth pulls himself to the top turnbuckle but Gulak leaps to the top for a superplex. Truth resists up top and slides out. Gulak is on Truth’s shoulders now. Gulak slides down and goes for a pin but Truth jackknifes him for the pin to win.

Winner: R-Truth

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