A future trailblazer in her own right, Bianca Belair made big waves after being picked during the second round of the WWE Draft for Friday Night SmackDown. She has come to great lengths to prove day in and day out why she deserves to become the brightest Superstar in the main roster women’s division. This week, the panel on WWE’s The Bump checked in with “The EST of WWE” to see how she’s getting acquainted with the blue brand.

“I have zero complaints,” Belair said with a huge smile. “I, literally, am the happiest woman in that locker room. I feel like I’m at home; SmackDown is the land of opportunities, and I’ve jumped on the scene. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere!”

To illustrate her arrival on the main roster, WWE created a hype package to foreshadow what’s in store for the WWE Universe on what to expect once Belair arrived. She was in awe when she saw the video herself.

“It was very cool,” she explained. “It felt like it was a sports commercial. It makes you look at me and see me as a competitor and as an athlete. It directly shows what I do outside the ring correlates to what I do inside the ring.”

As fans tend to see since their formation, it looks like tensions are rising among Team Raw just two weeks before their big Women’s Survivor Series team elimination match. Now that Belair and Ruby Riott are in to represent Team SmackDown, she believes her team will show more stability than their challengers.

“We have more cohesion than Team Raw,” she replied. “I feel like our team doesn’t have any bad blood right now. Survivor Series is all about teamwork.”

Belair also commented on which additional talents she would like to see earn a spot on Team SmackDown.

“I would love to see Liv Morgan because her and Ruby are already a tag team, so to have her on the team, I feel like that would just add to the cohesiveness of the team,” she began. “I’d [also] have to say, Bayley. She is such a strong competitor and would bring so much to the table.”

Once Survivor Series concludes, we will be in full swing towards the Royal Rumble. Belair is hopeful that her big shot at the SmackDown Women’s title is just around the corner. In order to receive her big future push, she always tries to make sure to put her best foot forward anytime she’s asked to wrestle.

“Every time I step out to the ring, regardless if there’s something on the line, I always feel like I’m out there trying to prove something, you know,” she stated. “I want to prove that I’m the best and that I deserve the spotlight so I can shine. I always focus on the stuff that I can control, and what’s for me, is for me, and no one can take that away.”

You can watch Bianca Belair’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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