WWE’s edict on third parties has led to a major casualty as it played a role in Zelina Vega’s release from the company. She was heavily involved with Twitch and had also tweeted support for unionization in pro wrestling, so now she can continue her Twitch channel even though it came at the cost of her WWE job.

Shortly after her release, Vega went on Twitch and became emotional, not just because of her release, but because of the overwhelming support from fans and subscribers. Booker T watched a video of Vega’s on Twitch and he talked about her release on Reality of Wrestling.

“Watching her on the Twitch channel talk about it, it broke my heart watching her cry. But one thing about it – we move on. We find a soft landing and we keep doing our thing,” said Booker. “I’m sad to see her go because I thought she was talented. I thought she was someone that could have really made a huge difference as far as the guard.

“We’re always looking for stars, just like any other business an entertainment. We’re always looking for stars.”

Booker added that those WWE Superstars who used Twitch or similar platforms are going to have to figure out a way to make their platforms accommodate WWE’s edict. He also said the question was posed to himself as to what he would do if he was a talent in this situation.

“I’m not of this era. I’m from the era before. Things were different for me and I’m not a talent on the roster anymore. I’m sure if I was, I’d be in the same predicament as each and every one of the stars are right now,” revealed Booker. “I really would be! Guys, figure it out because at the end of the day, there’s a bigger picture. You hope the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.

“Or, you have someone like Zelina who says she’ll create that pot of gold for herself. So, I can appreciate that as well. But above all, I’m gonna miss her because I thought she was talented.”

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