Zelina Vega Gets Emotional About WWE Release On Twitch (Video)

The wrestling world was turned upside down yesterday after the noteworthy timing of Zelina Vega's release.

WWE put out a statement confirming Vega's release yesterday, just ten minutes after Vega put out a tweet expressing her support for unionization.


Despite the convenient timing, reports indicate that Vega's release was not due to her tweet, but instead over disputes about WWE's controversial third-party edict. As Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported in September, WWE has moved forward with taking control of all third party accounts — like Twitch and Cameo — that use WWE Superstars' names and likenesses. As an avid Twitch streamer herself, Vega has been very vocal about maintaining her account in both the weeks leading up to and the weeks after the edict was passed.

Last night, Vega returned to her Twitch channel and was overwhelmed with the amount of support. In the video below, Zelina's supporters on Twitch flooded her stream by gifting her channel with subscribers. As the support rolls in, Vega gets more and more emotional and thanks everyone subscribing and supporting individually.


"The support you guys are giving me is crazy. I appreciate it more than you know," Vega said. "It's nice to be back, but, yeah — 2,700 people since last night. So thank you guys, for the subs and love."

Vega noted how some of the names donating and in her chat were names "[she] hadn't even seen before," indicating Vega's personal Twitch audience has grown since her release.

While the Twitch subscribers are growing for Vega, so is the support outside of the platform. Earlier today, an entertainment labor union reached out to Vega on Twitter, offering their support.

Stay tuned for more on Vega's WWE release.