Zelina Vega And Dakota Kai Comment On Their Twitch Accounts After WWE's Latest Edict

More WWE Superstars have commented since news broke this week of WWE looking to take control over talents' Twitch and Cameo accounts. Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported WWE is looking to take over Twitch accounts in four weeks ? including those under their real names. As noted, WWE will own those accounts, however talent will receive a percentage of the revenue, which counts against their downside guarantees.

In addition to that we also reported this will extend to Cameo where Superstars are expected to sign agreements turning over those accounts, as well.

Dakato Kai reacted to the news, explaining the reasons she got her Twitch stream up and running again.

"Starting Twitch up again was purely for three reasons; to have fun as a gamer, communicate with y'all during a difficult year and to give as much possible back to different charities. Thank u all for the continued support."

With a very popular following on Twitch, Paige gave her thoughts yesterday on the upcoming changes.

"Twitch is MY place what I built with my wonderful fans. A place where people can go and feel some positivity and little bit of normalcy. Fun. Interactive. Non-judgmental. Charitable place. I'm proud of what I built with my fan base."

Zelina Vega, who is also on Twitch, responded in the comments about how helpful Paige has been with her own stream, and what she's been able to do on the platform.

"AND helped people (including me) get introduced to what is now my favorite platform filled with positive, like minded & amazing people just looking to have fun during hard times in the world. It's where people support each other and grow together. A family. Always grateful to you. ... And host charities for people and animals in need. Yesterday we raised enough money to help someone get their cat the surgery they needed to survive. We love what we built and worked hard for."

Vince McMahon sent talent a reminder e-mail this week to cut ties with any unauthorized third parties. Any who fail to comply could be fined, suspended, or terminated.