On last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE official Adam Pearce announced a series of singles matches that would lead to a triple threat match to decide the number one contender to Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship. However, Pearce made a quick slip-up when saying McIntyre’s name.

Pearce referred to McIntyre as “McInfart” before quickly correcting himself. The slip-up sparked a lot of banter and memes on social media.

Many fans looked at WWE backstage announcer Charly Caruso’s reaction. One fan zoomed in on Caruso’s face showing her reaction when Pearce said “McInfart”.

Caruso saw the reaction and tweeted about it. She admitted that she tried everything possible to not laugh in the moment.

Caruso tweeted, “It took every bit of me not to burst out laughing [two crying laughing emojis].”

You can view Caruso’s tweet below: