On the third installment of The Wrestling Inc. Daily’s interview series “Documenting Chyna” Chyna’s friend and former manager Anthony Anzaldo alleged that VICE TV and Dark Side of The Ring had approached him about being part of an upcoming episode about Chyna.

“They are putting it on VICE,” Anzaldo claims. “It’s a Dark Side of The Ring two hour version. They want me so bad because they know the story isn’t told without me. I am not giving them the rights while they claim they still have the rights because I signed a release when I did my sit down.”

Anzaldo continued to dispute that he had not signed a release for Dark Side and that any footage including him could not be used. He also claimed that Darkside had offered him $1,500 to do a sit-down for what he claimed was a forthcoming episode.

In response to Anzaldo’s claims Wrestling Inc. reached out to Dark Side producer Evan Husney who issued the following statement, “There are no plans for an episode about Chyna for the upcoming season of Dark Side of the Ring. At the start of pre production earlier this year, we became aware of multiple projects that were currently in production about Chyna, and thus, we ultimately decided against pursuing this as a future subject.”

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