– Above is the latest Shot of Brandi with Sammy Guevara and Brandi Rhodes. In this episode, the duo makes Arnold Palmer drinks and Buffalo Chicken Dip.

– On this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite (and in recent Being the Elite episodes) Matt Hardy has shown off his new “iconic” personality. In a response to a fan about his latest gimmick, Hardy said fans are undeserving of his “Broken Brilliance.”

“No more fun personalities for the toxic, undeserving fanbase,” Hardy responded. “I gave them epic Broken Brilliance, but uncultured mooncalves that lacked the intelligence to “get it” ruined it for everyone. For the positive fanbase, I’m here for you.. As the inspiring, ICONIC legend that I am.”

– On this past week’s Waiting Room with Britt Baker, Tay Conti showed up as one of the guests. During the conversation, Baker asked a question from a fan about Conti’s current relationship status. When Conti said it was none of her business, the two got into a bit of an argument. Baker is currently feuding with Thunder Rosa, but this might be setting a match between Baker and Conti at some point down the road. You can check out the full segment in the video below.