WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where he and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman discussed one of Foley’s most iconic opponents in wrestling, The Undertaker. These past few years have seen Mark Calloway drop the mystique of his character allowing more fans to see more of who is outside the ring. Foley gave his thoughts on Calloway’s decision to shed some of the mystique of the iconic character.

“I like the mystique. I do, and I try to keep a mystique around it,” Foley admitted. “Even though it’s okay to talk about the man behind the character, he is in some ways the character, and there is an aura around him. I don’t know Mark as well now as I did in 1990 when I used to travel with him. I kind of like it that way. When I was Mankind going up against The Undertaker, there was that aura every night.

“I talked about this in my Hall of Fame acceptance speech, every night when I was with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker’s music would go off, I would do what you just did. I would show off the hairs on my arm, standing on end. Paul Bearer would roll up his sleeves, and his hairs would be standing on end. There was never a night when it felt like a job. It was always an honor. I prefer to treat that character with reverence. I’m glad he’s breaking out because he wants to live a regular life. He’s got a great wife. He’s got at least one child I think.

“I know he has more children, but one small child that he’s raising right now. Gunner, I believe, is Noelle’s age, 26, and then he has another child that I have not met, but it’s great that he’s able to do that and have a great family life and not feel like any time someone sees him and takes a photo it’s, ‘ah, The Undertaker’s hair is graying.’ Yeah, it’s been gray for a while. He doesn’t have to worry about that type of thing.”

According to WWE, The Undertaker has wrestled his last match in The Boneyard Match this past WrestleMania. Hausman asked Foley if he believes Undertaker has indeed wrestled his last match.

“If you follow The Taker documentary series, he was always looking for that last great way to go out, and he had that at WrestleMania,” Foley noted. “So I don’t know how you possibly top that, but it’s his life, and if he feels like he’s got another great one left in the tank, then he should do it.”

Foley also opened up about the dental work he had done on the day he spoke with Hausman. He said AEW star Britt Baker will be doing his dental work eventually before going into a story about how he also saved a bird earlier that day.

“Yeah, I lost my flipper. Eventually, Dr. Britt Baker is going to do the dental work,” Foley revealed. “That’s a story in it of itself, but this is just a case of me losing the flipper, and fortunately, I’m in a position where I can go on with my life with this smile because all it is is a unique reminder of that match with The Undertaker. I do have to do that shortly, and I have a bird.

“I was looking out a little bit earlier. I was like, ‘there’s a cat attack!’ And I rushed out, and I rescued the bird. It’s a morning dove. I’m going to bring it to the nature center. I did that a bunch of years ago. My son Mickey, this is 10 years ago, so he was nine, he found these birds that have fallen out of a nest in a storm, and they were tiny. We ended up taking him to the nature center, and he visited them every week.

“We visited them as they were rehabilitated, and then the nature center gave us–they were robins. You can’t even tell what they were, but four-three months, whatever the case, they gave them to us in a box, and we were able to set them free. And there’s a video of me singing ‘Born Free’ somewhere out there.”

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