The Fiend has a mysterious character a bit similar to the one Mick Foley had as Mankind. Almost needless to say, Foley wasn't too thrilled with Fiend's recent title loss to Goldberg and he discussed that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"[Laughs] I wasn't happy with it, but The Fiend is not someone who needs a title to define him," stated Foley. "It's gonna be very interesting and I think it adds another huge match as John Cena gave an impassioned promo and it leads me to believe this will be his final match. I would not be surprised to see The Fiend come out of Mania stronger than ever.

"I think in the future [The Fiend] does not need a title. He's an attraction in the same way as Roddy Piper never needed a title. I didn't care for the way it was taken off of him, but he's a guy who always lands on his feet. I think he'll come out of Mania just fine and he'll be a huge star for WWE for years to come. He's got The Mandible Claw! How could he not?"

Speaking of The Mandible Claw, AEW's Britt Baker has a lockjaw move that is similar and Foley was asked if he's seen Baker's move.

"I have and I believe Britt Baker is going to finally fix my nasty, Foley-missing bottom teeth. I've already been in talks with her and she's happy to do it," Foley revealed before adding that it's planned for the end of May and he won't mess with his top missing teeth, just the bottom ones.

"My son put it this way. He goes, 'Dad, you used to look kinda cool with the missing top teeth but now you looks like a crack addict.' I said I think you're thinking of a meth addict, son. But I get the point. It's not a great look but it's cool that Dr. Britt Baker can put me back together again."

Foley likes when people use his stuff as he takes it as the ultimate compliment. He encouraged Impact's Rosemary to borrow from The Foley Library in regards to his moves.

"Sami [Callihan] reached out and wanted to know if it was okay to call it The Cactus Driver and I said, 'Heck yea!' One thing that bothered me was when Wade Barrett would drop the [Cactus] Elbow and he would actually do the 'Bang Bang.' The fans would be chanting, 'Cactus Jack' and our announcers wouldn't acknowledge it when I was backstage," said Foley. "I'm in your friggin' Hall of Fame so you could acknowledge that he's using my move!

"So I do like it when people use it and it's nice to be acknowledged. It kinda keeps your mystique alive."

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