Paige Opens Up About Physical Abuse She Suffered From Alberto Del Rio

Nearly three years since their breakup, Paige has finally opened up about the physical and mental abuse she endured at the hands of ex-fiancé Aberto Del Rio, who was recently indicted by a grand jury and charged on counts of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.


During an appearance on GAW TV, Paige said she was now more comfortable sharing horrid details of her relationship with Del Rio, who has been alleged of assault by another woman.

"I've never spoken about it before, whether podcasts or interviews, I always stayed away," she said. "But now it's completely out there. I'm like, 'why am I shying away from this? Why am I not brave enough to talk about it?'"

Paige revealed how she was "trapped in rooms" for hours while getting her "ass beat every couple of minutes" by Del Rio.

"In the beginning, you're fighting back with this person. But in the end, it becomes a cycle. Eventually, something is happening to you every day."

She continued, "You could be trapped in a room for 6-7 hours, getting your ass beat every couple of minutes. And he's doing all these crazy things to you."


As per the criminal complaint filed against Del Rio at Bexar County, he stuffed a sock in his girlfriend's mouth and choked her, before striking her repeatedly in the head with his fists. He also allegedly threatened to drop the victim's son "in the middle of the road somewhere."

Paige refuses to call Del Rio by his name ever again, "Because he's Voldemort to me," she says. "He needs whatever is happening to him. Karma is a real thing."

In 2017, Paige and Del Rio went through a domestic dispute after an incident at Orlando International Airport, following which Paige issued a statement and denied that her fiancé at the time physically assaulted her. They broke up a few months later.

Paige said her silence on abuse from Del Rio was due to fear of backlash from social media.

"I wanted to stay away from the Internet victim blame," said Page. "Even if I don't say anything, they'd be like, 'It's partly your fault and ABC reasons why [you're going through stuff]. Or I would be told all this stuff never happened, it was all your imagination.

"Now it's all out there. And you put out what you receive. And right now, he's receiving it."

Check out Paige's full interview with Mickie James, SoCal Val, and Lisa Marie Varon below.


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