If you’re a fan of any wrestler in an indie promotion ? or any non-WWE wrestler for that matter ? then you’re likely familiar with ProWrestlingTees.com. It is akin to WWEShop.com but for talent outside of that promotion as it’s a website and store for wrestlers to sell merchandise.

The site works directly with wrestlers who get to create their own stores and decide what merch they want to sell. It goes beyond just t-shirts as everything from shoes to posters to gaiters to foam hands are available to buy. The site was created by Ryan Barkan in Chicago and he was asked what their top five selling shirts are for 2020 in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

“So, the number one seller of the year is Orange Cassidy. It’s the orange shirt that just has his thumb on it and it says ‘Freshley Squeezed’. That’s the number one seller for the year,” revealed Barkan.

“He’s also got the number two seller which is just his photo [on a white shirt]. So those are the two. He’s a good seller. The number three seller is an Owen Hart shirt. We signed a deal with Dark Side of the Ring and Owen’s wife Martha and came out with a shirt. It’s his first shirt in twenty-something years, so that’s number three. Then there’s two Chris Jericho Inner Circle shirts. There’s the Stadium Stampede Losers shirt, where it says ‘Champions’ but they’re really the losers. And then there’s a Guns N’ Roses parody shirt. So, Chris Jericho is the top selling wrestler of the year, by far, like no one is going to ever beat him but Orange Cassidy holds the top selling shirt of the year.”

Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho hold four of the top five shirts for 2020 which likely meant that Pro Wrestling Tees couldn’t have been happier when those two engaged in a month-long feud during the summer.

The idea for Pro Wrestling Tees was conceived in 2010 and the store launched in 2013. With seven years of sales, Barkan was asked what their best-selling shirt of all-time is.

“The second Bullet Club shirts ? the bone soldier with the skull. It’s probably my favorite wrestling shirt of all time,” revealed Barkan. “I mean, we’ve probably sold 150,000 just of that shirt specifically.”

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