The Wrestling Inc. Daily Presenting "Documenting Chyna" Interview Series This Week

In early October, Wrestling Inc. was sent the following news tip to our account: "Chyna's mother Jan Laque and I are investigating Chyna's death as we and others believe there was foul play involved and would like to ask your audience if anyone knows ANYTHING they can contact either of us we are both on Facebook. Too many clues led us to this. We know there are people out there that know something. Thank you!"

Following that e-mail submission Wrestling Inc. managing editor Nick Hausman set up a call with Chyna's mother, Jan, to see what her concerns were. Following that call it was decided that if Wrestling Inc. was going to run anything to do with Jan's concerns that more interviews from parties involved would need to be contacted. What followed were a series of interviews that Hausman conducted that included:

* Chyna's former friend and manager Anthony Anzaldo

* Chyna's former friend and comedian Rob Potylo

* Dr. Drew Pinksy, who treated Chyna as part of Celebrity Rehab and worked to get her treatment during her final year

Hausman will be releasing each interview in full as part of an audio series we are calling "Documenting Chyna" on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast feed. The first episode will be released on Tuesday, November 24 with a new episode dropping each day through Friday, November 27. The series focuses on the final year of Chyna's life, her career in pro wrestling and the legacy she leaves behind.

Wrestling Inc. is encouraging fans to use the hashtag #DocumentingChyna on social media if they would like to comment on the series. You can subscribe to The Wrestling Inc. Daily on iTunes, Stitcher and all major podcast platforms to get each installment of "Documenting Chyna" as it is released.

The most recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, featuring WWE Survivor Series discussion and an interview with comedian Chris Gethard, via the embedded audio player below: