Trent Seven Gives Update On WWE NXT UK Star Tyler Bate

NXT UK star Trent Seven spoke with The Go Home Show Podcast about his upcoming Heritage Cup Finals match against A-Kid, and numerous other WWE stars, including his Moustache Mountain partner, Tyler Bate.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NXT UK took a few months off before starting back up again with TV tapings in August. Bate has been noticeably absent from the latest shows with his last appearance happening in a Battle Royal on March 7.

Dunne was asked about how Bate was doing, and apparently he's taking much of the year refocusing himself after having such an amazing start to his WWE career as the inaugural WWE UK Champion in early 2017 (h/t POST Wrestling for the transcription).

"Yeah, I've spoke to him obviously here and there and you know, been around to his house and met up with him and stuff, and you know, this year has been incredibly complex for everyone, you know what I mean?" Seven said. "I feel like no matter who you are in the wrestling industry, the year 2020 has taken a bit of a toll on you. So there's a big part of it where he's had to?he's had to do a little bit of soul searching.

"He's had to go have a look at how he spent his money, how he lives his life, how he ? the time he spends away from wrestling, what kind of influences is Tyler Bate looking at to improve his life, you know what I mean? There's so many little aspects of things that ? and we have to remember and we have to remind ourselves, this guy is 22-years old. He won the U.K. Championship at the age of 19. That's not a normal life for anyone. There are no 19-year olds on the planet that are WWE champions.

"It's career-defining, and I think a lot of responsibility and a lot of power got put on Tyler's shoulders at such a young age and I feel like that's the point of this last year is him learning how to deal with that, and like, him learning how to cope with the fame and how to cope with the pressure and how to cope with the limelight so, yeah. He's been okay, man. But, it's a humongous learning curve for someone at the age of 22 to learn going into being a WWE Champion."

You can check out Seven's full interview in the video above.